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  1. 엎지르다
  2. 아뢰다
  3. 화나다
  4. 땋다
  5. 다녀가다
  6. 겨루다
  7. 헷갈리다
  8. 뒤섞다
  9. 버무리다
  10. 찌푸리다
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  1. 마무르다
  2. 벗겨지다
  3. 다듬다
  4. 쓰다듬다
  5. 주차하다
  6. 방귀뀌다
  7. 거주하다
  8. 돌아다니다
  9. 가벼워지다
  10. 돌려주다

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Korean terms that indicate actions, occurrences or states.

For more information, see Appendix:Korean verbs.

These words are 동사 (動詞, dongsa), i.e. Korean verbs. It explicitly should not include 형용사 (形容詞, hyeong-yongsa, adjectives), regardless of whether the word literally translates as an English verb.


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