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  1. 쪼다
  2. 수리하다
  3. 항의하다
  4. 저주하다
  5. 외출하다
  6. 똥싸다
  7. 명하다
  8. 명령하다
  9. 주문하다
  10. 보상하다
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  1. 꿇다
  2. 말하다
  3. 있다
  4. 사랑하다
  5. 만들다
  6. 속다
  7. 크다
  8. 걸다
  9. 그릇되다
  10. 나가다

Fundamental » All languages » Korean » Lemmas » Verbs

Korean terms that indicate actions, occurrences or states.

For more information, see Appendix:Korean verbs.

These words are 동사 (動詞, dongsa), i.e. Korean verbs. It explicitly should not include 형용사 (形容詞, hyeong-yongsa, adjectives), regardless of whether the word literally translates as an English verb.


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