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  1. opvreten
  2. bijzitten
  3. mee-eten
  4. aflezen
  5. overtreden
  6. begeven
  7. aantreden
  8. ontzien
  9. uitzien
  10. opgeven
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  1. bijzitten
  2. opvreten
  3. neerzien
  4. weggeven
  5. overzien
  6. eruitzien
  7. aanvreten
  8. overeten
  9. lesgeven
  10. afmeten

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Verbs where the ablaut vowel was followed by consonant other than a sonorant in Proto-Indo-European.

It is just like class 4, this class is rather small and has preserved a vowel length change between the singular and the plural forms of the past tense. But contrary to class 4, the vowel sound of the past participle is /eː/ and not /oː/. There are two variations:

The paradigm is:

Form Regular J-presents
Present tense /-eː-/ /-ɪ-/
Past tense singular /-ɑ-/ /-ɑ-/
Past tense plural /-aː-/ /-aː-/
Past participle /-eː-/ /-eː-/

For example: geven - gaf - gaven - gegeven

The verbs of the second variation are the so-called j-presents, which originally had a j-suffix in the present tense. For example: zitten - zat - zaten - gezeten