question mark

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A question mark (sense 1)
The question mark (Polygonia interrogationis; sense 4). The photograph immediately above shows the silver mark shaped like a question mark (sense 1) on the underside of the butterfly’s hindwing.


question mark (plural question marks)

  1. (typography) The punctuation mark "?", used at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.
    Synonyms: eroteme, interrogation mark, interrogation point, interrogative (archaic), interrogative-point (obsolete)
  2. (figuratively, informal) A state of doubt or uncertainty.
    There’s a question mark over whether or not he’ll be fit for the next game.
  3. (figuratively, informal) An enigmatic, inscrutable, or mysterious person or thing; an enigma, a riddle.
    Synonyms: mystery, puzzle
  4. Polygonia interrogationis, a North American nymphalid butterfly with a silver mark on the underside of its hindwing resembling a question mark (sense 1).

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