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full stop (plural full stops)

  1. (Australia, Britain, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa) The punctuation mark "." (indicating the end of a sentence or marking an abbreviation).
  2. (figurative) A decisive end to something.
    • 2022 October 22, Wendy Ide, quoting Steven Spielberg, “‘It’s a way to bring my mum and dad back’: Steven Spielberg on the new wave of cine-memoirs”, in The Guardian[1]:
      [S]pielberg was keen to stress that The Fabelmans is not a full stop: “It is not because I decided to retire, and this is my swan song, don’t believe that.”

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  • (indicating end of sentence) See period
  • (marking an abbreviation) dot, point, -x

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full stop

  1. (colloquial) Used to emphasize the end of an important statement or point when speaking to show something is not up for discussion or debate.
    We need more people to join IRC, full stop.

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