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From Old East Slavic ото (oto) or вото (voto), compare with Polish oto and Polish ot, Ukrainian от (ot) and Ukrainian ото (oto)



вот (vot)

  1. here (is), this (is), there (is), that (is) (directing attention towards something)
    Вот мой дом.Vot moj dom.Here/this is my house.
    во́т гдеvót gdehere’s where
    во́т в чём вопро́сvót v čóm voprósthat is the question
  2. describing a scene unfolding before one's eyes
    вот он бежи́т, подпры́гнул, приземли́лсяvot on bežít, podprýgnul, prizemlílsjahe's now running, he jumps, he lands
  3. well, so (a lead-in, often when introducing an example)
    вот наприме́рvot naprimér …well, for instance, …
  4. (colloquial) there (is), that (is), so (expressing finality or conclusion)
    Вот тебе́ раз!Vot tebé raz!There you are!
    Вот и всё!Vot i vsjó!That’s all!
  5. (colloquial) what a, such a (expressing emphasis or strong emotion)
    Вот челове́к!Vot čelovék!What a man!

Derived termsEdit


вот (vot)

  1. here, look (at it)
  2. (casual) take it! (when offering something)