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Orthographic/Phonemic รัก
r ạ k
Paiboon rák
(standard) IPA(key) /rak̚˦˥/
Homophones รักข์

Etymology 1Edit

From a Mon-Khmer language; ultimately from Proto-Mon-Khmer *r[a]k (to love; beloved, dear). Cognate with Northern Thai ᩁᩢ᩠ᨠ, Isan ฮัก, Lao ຮັກ (hak), ᦣᧅ (hak), Shan ႁၵ်ႉ (hak5). Outside Tai-Kadai, cognate with Khmer រាក់ (réak, friendly, cordial, pleasant; intimate, affectionate), as in រាក់ទាក់ (reak-teak, friendly, warm, pleasant). The Proto-Mon-Khmer root possibly represents an allofam of the proto-root *mr[a]k, *rmr[a]k (compare Proto-Mon-Khmer *ma[a]k, *mak (to like, love)), whence Khmer ម្រក់ (mrôk, girl's friend of same sex, man's friend's wife), and possibly Thai มลัก (má-lák, to love, to like).


รัก (rák)

  1. love.


รัก (rák) (abstract noun การรัก)

  1. to love.
    พวกเขารักกันมาก  ―  pûuak-kǎo rák gan mâak  ―  They love each other so much.

Etymology 2Edit

Cognate with Lao ຮັກ (hak). Compare Sanskrit आर्क (ārka, crown flower), Pali akka.


รัก (rák)

  1. the plant Calotropis gigantea (L.) Aiton f. of the family Asclepiadaceae, commonly known in English as crown flower.

Etymology 3Edit

From Proto-Tai *rakᴰ (lacquer). Compare Sanskrit लाक्षा (lākṣā, a species of plant).


รัก (rák)

  1. the plant Gluta usitata (Wallich) Ding Hou of the family Anacardiaceae, commonly known in English as Burmese lacquer.