Swahili edit

Alternative forms edit

  • -mw- (before vowels)
  • -mu- (before /u/ and /w/)

Infix edit


  1. her, him; 3rd person singular (m class(I)) object concord
    Ninamsikia.I hear her/him.

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Tagalog edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From -ng (enclitic suffix).

Interfix edit

-m- (Baybayin spelling ᜋ᜔)

  1. Compound interfix, connecting the adjective stem to the noun stem, after the preceding stem ends in a vowel and where the next stem starts with the letter (b) or (p).
    Synonyms: -ng-, -g-, na, -ng, -g
    haba + ‎-m- + ‎buhay → ‎habambuhay
    ganti + ‎-m- + ‎pala → ‎gantimpala
    bago + ‎-m- + ‎bayan → ‎Bagumbayan

Derived terms edit