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Context label templates:

  • categories are those specified explicitly, including with tcat=, not the default cat

Template as of Specification Template category
1811 30 April redirect to Classic 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
AAVE 30 April redirect to African American Vernacular English
Acadia 30 April label:Acadian, regional category:Acadian, default language:fr
accounting 30 April label:accounting, topic category:Accounting Topical context labels
acoustics 30 April label:acoustics, topic category:Acoustics Topical context labels
acting 30 April label:acting, topic category:Acting Topical context labels
Acting 30 April redirect to acting
ad jargon 30 April redirect to ad slang
ad slang 30 April label:advertising slang, topic category:Advertising slang
adslang 30 April redirect to ad slang
Advanced Mandarin 30 April label:Advanced Mandarin, topic category:Advanced_Mandarin
advertising 30 April label:advertising, topic category:Advertising Topical context labels
aeronautics 30 April label:aeronautics, topic category:Aeronautics Science context labels, Science context labels
Africa 30 April label:Africa, regional category:African, default language:fr
African American Vernacular English 30 April label:African American Vernacular, regional category:African American Vernacular
agriculture 30 April label:agriculture, topic category:Agriculture Topical context labels
aircraft 30 April label:aircraft, topic category:Aircraft
Alberta 30 April label:Alberta, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
alchemy 30 April label:alchemy, topic category:Alchemy, Science context labels
algebra 30 April label:algebra, topic category:Algebra, Mathematics context labels
Algebra 30 April redirect to algebra
algebraic geometry 30 April label:algebraic geometry, topic category:Algebraic geometry, Mathematics context labels
Algeria 30 April label:Algeria, regional category:Algerian, default language:ar
Alggeom 30 April redirect to algebraic geometry
alggeom 30 April redirect to algebraic geometry
ambitransitive 30 April label:ambitransitive, Grammatical context labels
America 30 April redirect to US
American 30 April redirect to US
American English 30 April redirect to US
American football 30 April label:American football, topic category:Football (American) Sports context labels
American slang 30 April label:American slang, category:American slang, regional category:American, Usage context labels
amino acid 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Amino acids, Science context labels
analysis 30 April label:analysis, topic category:Analysis Topical context labels
analytic geometry 30 April label:analytic geometry, topic category:Analytic geometry, Mathematics context labels
analytical chemistry 30 April label:analytical chemistry, topic category:Analytical chemistry Science context labels, Science context labels
analyticgeom 30 April redirect to analytic geometry
anarchism 30 April label:anarchism, topic category:Anarchism Topical context labels
anatomy 30 April label:anatomy, topic category:Anatomy Topical context labels
Anatomy 30 April redirect to anatomy
Angola 30 April label:Angola, regional category:Angolan, default language:pt
animate 30 April label:animate, Grammatical context labels
animation 30 April label:animation, topic category:Animation Topical context labels
anime 30 April label:anime, topic category:Anime and manga Topical context labels
anthropology 30 April label:anthropology, topic category:Anthropology Science context labels, Science context labels
arachnology 30 April label:arachnology, topic category:Zoology Science context labels, Science context labels
archaeology 30 April label:archaeology, topic category:Archaeology Science context labels, Science context labels
Archaic 30 April redirect to archaic
archaic 30 April label:archaic, topic category:Archaic, Period context labels
archaic-verb-form 30 April label:archaic, POS category:archaic verb forms, Grammatical context labels
archeology 30 April redirect to archaeology
archery 30 April label:archery, topic category:Archery Sports context labels
Architecture 30 April redirect to architecture
architecture 30 April label:architecture, topic category:Architecture Topical context labels
Argentina 30 April label:Argentina, regional category:Argentinian, default language:es
arithmetic 30 April label:arithmetic, topic category:Arithmetic, Mathematics context labels
arithmetics 30 April redirect to arithmetic
Armenian mythology 30 April label:Armenian mythology, topic category:Armenian mythology Mythology context labels
Art 30 April redirect to arts
art 30 April redirect to arts
artificial intelligence 30 April label:artificial intelligence, topic category:Artificial intelligence Topical context labels
arts 30 April label:art, topic category:Art Topical context labels
astrology 30 April label:astrology, topic category:Astrology Topical context labels
astronautics 30 April label:astronautics, topic category:Astronautics Science context labels, Science context labels
Astronomy 30 April redirect to astronomy
astronomy 30 April label:astronomy, topic category:Astronomy Science context labels
astrophysics 30 April label:astrophysics, topic category:Astrophysics Science context labels
athletics 30 April label:athletics, topic category:Athletics Sports context labels
Atlantic Canada 30 April label:Atlantic Canada, regional category:Atlantic Canadian, default language:en Atlantic Canadian English
Atlantic provinces 30 April redirect to Atlantic Canada
attributive 30 April label:attributive, Grammatical context labels
attributively 30 April redirect to attributive
AU 30 April redirect to Australia
aussie-rules 30 April label:Australian rules football, topic category:Australian rules football Sports context labels
Australia 30 April label:Australian, regional category:Australian, default language:en
Australian 30 April redirect to Australia
Australian Aboriginal mythology 30 April label:Australian Aboriginal mythology, topic category:Australian Aboriginal mythology Topical context labels
Australian English 30 April redirect to Australia
Australian slang 30 April label:Australian slang, topic category:Australian slang, regional category:Australian, Usage context labels
Austria 30 April label:Austria, regional category:Austrian, default language:de
auto racing 30 April label:auto racing, topic category:Auto racing Sports context labels
automobiles 30 April redirect to automotive
automotive 30 April label:automotive, topic category:Automotive Topical context labels
autoracing 30 April redirect to auto racing
auxiliary 30 April label:auxiliary, Grammatical context labels
avalent 30 April redirect to impersonal
aviation 30 April label:aviation, topic category:Aviation
avoidance 30 April label:avoidance term, Usage context labels
baby talk 30 April redirect to childish
backgammon 30 April label:backgammon, topic category:Backgammon Games context labels
bacteriology 30 April label:bacteriology, topic category:Bacteriology, Science context labels
badminton 30 April label:badminton, topic category:Badminton Sports context labels
Balearics 30 April label:Balearics, regional category:Balearic, default language:ca
Balhae 4 May label:Balhae, regional category:Balhae, lang={{{lang|oko}}}
Balkar 30 April label:Balkar, topic category:Balkar, default language:en
ball game 30 April redirect to ball games
ball games 30 April label:ball games, topic category:Ball games Sports context labels
ballet 30 April label:ballet, topic category:Ballet Topical context labels
banking 30 April label:banking, topic category:Banking Topical context labels
baseball 30 April label:baseball, topic category:Baseball Sports context labels
Baseball 30 April redirect to baseball
basketball 30 April label:basketball, topic category:Basketball Sports context labels
Basketball 30 April redirect to basketball
BDSM 30 April label:BDSM, topic category:Sexuality Topical context labels
beekeeping 30 April label:beekeeping, topic category:Beekeeping Topical context labels
Beginning Mandarin 30 April label:Beginning Mandarin, topic category:Beginning_Mandarin
Belgium 30 April label:Belgium, regional category:Belgian, default language:fr
Belize 30 April label:Belize, regional category:Belizean, default language:es
benedictive 30 April label:benedictive, Grammatical context labels
betting 30 April label:gambling, topic category:Betting Topical context labels
Bible 30 April redirect to biblical
biblical 30 April label:Biblical, topic category:Bible
biblical character 30 April label:Biblical, topic category:Biblical characters Topical context labels
billiards 30 April label:billiards, topic category:Billiards Sports context labels
Bingo 30 April redirect to bingo
bingo 30 April label:bingo, topic category:Bingo, Games context labels
Biochemistry 30 April redirect to biochemistry
biochemistry 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Biochemistry, Science context labels
Biology 30 April redirect to biology
biology 30 April label:biology, topic category:Biology, Science context labels
biotechnology 30 April label:biotechnology, topic category:Biotechnology Topical context labels
birdwatching 30 April label:birdwatching, topic category:Birdwatching
Birdwatching 30 April redirect to birdwatching
blog 30 April redirect to blogging
blogging 30 April label:blogging, topic category:Internet Topical context labels
blogs 30 April redirect to blogging
board game 30 April redirect to board games
board games 30 April label:board games, topic category:Board games, Games context labels
board sports 30 April label:board sports, topic category:Board sports Sports context labels
bodybuilding 30 April label:bodybuilding, topic category:Bodybuilding Sports context labels
Bolivia 30 April label:Bolivia, regional category:Bolivian, default language:es
Border Scots 30 April label:Border Scots, regional category:Border, default language:sco
botany 30 April label:botany, topic category:Botany Science context labels
Botany 30 April redirect to botany
bowling 30 April label:bowling, topic category:Bowling Sports context labels
boxing 30 April label:boxing, topic category:Boxing Sports context labels
Brabant 30 April label:Brabantian, regional category:Brabantian, default language:nl
Brazil 30 April label:Brazil, regional category:Brazilian, default language:pt
brewing 30 April label:brewing, topic category:Brewing Topical context labels
bridge 30 April label:bridge (card game), topic category:Bridge, Games context labels
Bridge 30 April redirect to bridge
Bristol 30 April label:Bristolian, regional category:Bristolian, default language:en
Bristolian 30 April redirect to Bristol
Bristolian dialect 30 April redirect to Bristol
brit 30 April redirect to British
Brit 30 April redirect to British
British 30 April label:British, regional category:British, default language:en
british 30 April redirect to British
British Columbia 30 April label:British Columbia, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
British English 30 April redirect to British
British slang 30 April label:British slang, topic category:British slang
broadcasting 30 April label:broadcasting, topic category:Broadcasting Topical context labels
Buddhism 30 April label:Buddhism, topic category:Buddhism Religion context labels
bullfighting 30 April label:bullfighting, topic category:Bullfighting Sports context labels
Business 30 April redirect to business
business 30 April label:business, topic category:Business Topical context labels
buzzword 30 April label:buzzword, topic category:Buzzwords, Usage context labels
buzzwords 30 April redirect to buzzword
by extension 30 April label:by extension, Qualifier context labels
calculus 30 April label:calculus, topic category:Calculus, Mathematics context labels
Calculus 30 April redirect to calculus
Canada 30 April label:Canadian, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
Canadian 30 April redirect to Canada
Canadian English 30 April redirect to Canada
Canadian Prairies 30 April label:Canadian Prairies, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
canoeing 30 April label:canoeing, topic category:Water sports Sports context labels
cant 30 April label:cant, topic category:Cant, Usage context labels
capitalized 30 April label:capitalized, Usage context labels
carbohydrate 30 April redirect to carbohydrates
carbohydrates 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Carbohydrates Topical context labels
Card games 30 April redirect to card games
card games 30 April label:card games, topic category:Card games, Games context labels
cardinal 30 April label:cardinal, topic category:Cardinal numbers, Grammatical context labels
cardiology 30 April label:cardiology, topic category:Cardiology Topical context labels
cards 30 April redirect to card games
Caribbean 30 April label:Caribbean, regional category:Caribbean, default language:en
Caribbean Spanish 30 April redirect to Caribbean
carpentry 30 April label:carpentry, topic category:Carpentry Topical context labels
cartography 30 April label:cartography, topic category:Cartography Topical context labels
cartoon 30 April redirect to animation
cartoons 30 April redirect to animation
category theory 30 April label:category theory, topic category:Category theory, Mathematics context labels
causative 30 April label:causative, Grammatical context labels
caving 30 April label:caving, topic category:Caving Sports context labels
CE 30 April redirect to Commonwealth
cell phone 30 April redirect to mobile phones
cell phones 30 April redirect to mobile phones
ceramics 30 April label:ceramics, topic category:Ceramics Topical context labels
Chakavian 30 April label:Chakavian, regional category:Chakavian, default language:sh
cheerleading 30 April label:cheerleading, topic category:Cheerleading Sports context labels
chem 30 April redirect to chemistry
chemical compound 30 April redirect to inorganic compound
chemical engineering 30 April label:chemical engineering, topic category:Chemical engineering Topical context labels
Chemistry 30 April redirect to chemistry
chemistry 30 April label:chemistry, topic category:Chemistry, Science context labels
Chenglish 30 April redirect to Chinglish
chess 30 April label:chess, topic category:Chess, Games context labels
chess piece 30 April redirect to chess
chiefly 30 April label:chiefly, (space)
child language 30 April redirect to childish
childish 30 April label:childish, topic category:Childish, Usage context labels
Chile 30 April label:Chile, regional category:Chilean, default language:es
Chilean Spanish 30 April redirect to Chile
Chinglish 30 April label:Chinglish, topic category:Chinglish, default language:en
christianity 30 April redirect to Christianity
Christianity 30 April label:Christianity, topic category:Christianity Religion context labels
chu Nom 30 April label:Vietnamese chữ Nôm, category:Vietnamese chu Nom Usage context labels
cinematography 30 April label:cinematography, topic category:Cinematography Topical context labels
cladistics 30 April label:cladistics, topic category:Systematics Topical context labels
Classic 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue 30 April slang|topic category:Classic 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue Usage context labels
classical mechanics 30 April label:classical mechanics, topic category:Classical mechanics Topical context labels
classical physics 30 April redirect to classical mechanics
classical studies 30 April label:classical studies, topic category:Classical studies Topical context labels
climatology 30 April label:climatology, topic category:Climatology Topical context labels
Climbing 30 April redirect to climbing
climbing 30 April label:climbing, topic category:Climbing Sports context labels
clinical psychology 30 April label:clinical psychology, topic category:Clinical psychology, Science context labels
coarse 30 April redirect to vulgar
Cockney 30 April label:Cockney, regional category:Cockney, default language:en
cockney 30 April redirect to Cockney
Cockney rhyming slang 30 April label:Cockney rhyming slang, topic category:Cockney rhyming slang Regional templates, Usage context labels
CockneyRS 30 April redirect to Cockney rhyming slang
coenzyme 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Coenzymes Topical context labels
colloquial 30 April label:colloquial, topic category:Colloquial, Usage context labels
Colloquial 30 April redirect to colloquial
Colombia 30 April label:Colombia, regional category:Colombian, default language:es
Colombian Spanish 30 April redirect to Colombia
Combinatorics 30 April redirect to combinatorics
combinatorics 30 April label:combinatorics, topic category:Combinatorics, Mathematics context labels
comics 30 April label:comics, topic category:Comics Topical context labels
Commonwealth 4 May label:Commonwealth, regional category:Commonwealth, default language:en, bad iwiki: [[fr:Modèle:Commonwealth]]
commonwealth 30 April redirect to Commonwealth
Commonwealth English 30 April redirect to Commonwealth
Communication 30 April redirect to communication
communication 30 April label:communication, topic category:Communication Topical context labels
communications 30 April redirect to communication
Communism 30 April redirect to communism
communism 30 April label:communism, topic category:Communism Topical context labels
comp sci 30 April redirect to computer science
comparable 30 April label:comparable, Grammatical context labels
Complang 30 April redirect to programming
complex 30 April redirect to complex analysis
complex analysis 30 April label:complex analysis, topic category:Complex analysis, Mathematics context labels, Topical context labels
comptheory 30 April redirect to computing theory
Comptheory 30 April redirect to computing theory
computational geometry 30 April redirect to analytic geometry
computational linguistics 30 April label:computational linguistics, topic category:Computational linguistics Topical context labels
computer 30 April redirect to computing
computer & video games 30 April redirect to video games
computer and video games 30 April redirect to video games
computer game 30 April redirect to computer games
computer games 30 April label:computer games, topic category:Video games Topical context labels
computer gaming 30 April redirect to computer games
computer graphics 30 April label:computer graphics, topic category:Computer graphics Topical context labels
computer hardware 30 April label:computer hardware, topic category:Computer hardware Topical context labels
computer programming 30 April redirect to programming
computer science 30 April label:computer science, topic category:Computer science Topical context labels
computer security 30 April label:computer security, topic category:Computer security Topical context labels
computers 30 April redirect to computing
Computing 30 April redirect to computing
computing 30 April label:computing, topic category:Computing Topical context labels
computing theory 30 April label:computing theory, topic category:Theory of computing Topical context labels
Connacht 30 April label:Connacht, regional category:Connacht, default language:ga
constellation 30 April label:astronomy, topic category:Constellations Topical context labels
construction 30 April label:construction, topic category:Construction Topical context labels
cooking 30 April label:cooking, topic category:Cooking Topical context labels
cookware 30 April label:cooking, topic category:Cookware Topical context labels
Copyright 30 April redirect to copyright
copyright 30 April label:copyright law, topic category:Copyright Topical context labels
coral science 30 April redirect to marine biology
cornish 30 April redirect to Cornwall
Cornish 30 April redirect to Cornwall
cornish dialect 30 April redirect to Cornwall
Cornish dialect 30 April redirect to Cornwall
Cornwall 30 April label:Cornish, regional category:Cornish, default language:en
cosmetics 30 April label:cosmetics, topic category:Cosmetics
cosmetology 30 April redirect to cosmetics
cosmo 30 April redirect to ad slang
Costa Rica 30 April label:Costa Rica, regional category:Costa Rican, default language:es
Costa Rican Spanish 30 April redirect to Costa Rica
countable 30 April label:countable, POS category:countable nouns, Grammatical context labels
cribbage 30 April label:cribbage, topic category:Cribbage, Games context labels
Cricket 30 April redirect to cricket
cricket 30 April label:cricket, topic category:Cricket Sports context labels
Crimean 30 April label:Crimean, regional category:Crimean, default language:got
criminology 30 April label:criminology, topic category:Criminology Topical context labels
CRS 30 April redirect to Cockney rhyming slang
crypto 30 April redirect to cryptography
cryptography 30 April label:cryptography, topic category:Cryptography Topical context labels
cryptozoology 30 April label:cryptozoology, topic category:Cryptozoology Topical context labels
crystallography 30 April label:crystallography, topic category:Crystallography Topical context labels
Cuba 30 April label:Cuba, regional category:Cuban, default language:es
Cuban Spanish 30 April redirect to Cuba
culinary 30 April redirect to cooking
cultural anthropology 30 April label:cultural anthropology, topic category:Cultural anthropology Topical context labels
Cumbria 30 April label:Cumbrian, regional category:Cumbrian, default language:en
Cumbrian 30 April redirect to Cumbria
curling 30 April label:curling, topic category:Curling Sports context labels
currency 30 April label:numismatics, topic category:Money Topical context labels
CW 30 April redirect to Commonwealth
cybernetics 30 April label:cybernetics, topic category:Cybernetics Topical context labels
cycling 30 April label:cycling, topic category:Cycling Sports context labels
cytology 30 April label:cytology, topic category:Cytology Topical context labels
dance 30 April label:dance, topic category:Dance Sports context labels
darts 30 April label:darts, topic category:Darts Sports context labels
data management 30 April label:data management, topic category:Data management Topical context labels
data modeling 30 April label:data modeling, topic category:Data modeling Topical context labels
Databases 30 April redirect to databases
databases 30 April label:databases, topic category:Databases Topical context labels
dated 30 April label:dated, topic category:Dated, Period context labels
defective 30 April label:defective, Grammatical context labels
defective verb 30 April redirect to defective
definite 30 April label:definite, Grammatical context labels
deltiology 30 April label:deltiology, topic category:Deltiology
demonstrative 30 April label:demonstrative, Grammatical context labels
demoscene 30 April label:demoscene, topic category:Demoscene Topical context labels
dentistry 30 April label:dentistry, topic category:Dentistry Topical context labels
deponent 30 April label:deponent, Grammatical context labels
dermatology 30 April label:dermatology, topic category:Dermatology
derogatory 30 April label:derogatory, topic category:Derogatory, Usage context labels
desiderative 30 April label:desiderative, Grammatical context labels
determiner 30 April label:determiner, Grammatical context labels
dialect 30 April label:dialect, topic category:Dialectal, Usage context labels
dialectal 30 April label:dialectal, topic category:Dialectal, Usage context labels
dictation 30 April label:dictation, topic category:Dictation Topical context labels
Digor 30 April label:Digor dialect, regional category:Digor, default language:os
Digor dialect 30 April redirect to Digor
diplomacy 30 April label:diplomacy, topic category:Diplomacy Topical context labels
directional 30 April label:directional, Grammatical context labels
disease 30 April label:pathology, topic category:Diseases Topical context labels
diseases 30 April redirect to disease
ditransitive 30 April label:ditransitive, Grammatical context labels
diving 30 April label:diving, topic category:Diving Sports context labels
Dominican Republic 30 April label:Dominican Republic, regional category:Dominican, default language:es
Doric 30 April label:Doric, regional category:Doric, default language:sco
Doric dialect 30 April redirect to Doric
Drama 30 April redirect to drama
drama 30 April label:drama, topic category:Drama Topical context labels
dressage 30 April label:dressage, topic category:Dressage Sports context labels
E number 30 April label:food manufacture, topic category:E numbers Topical context labels
earth science 30 April label:earth science, topic category:Earth sciences
earth sciences 30 April redirect to earth science
East Africa 30 April label:East Africa, regional category:East African, default language:en
Eastern Armenian 30 April label:Eastern Armenian, regional category:Eastern, default language:hy
Eastern Catalan 30 April label:Eastern Catalan, regional category:Eastern
Eastern Orthodoxy 30 April label:Eastern Orthodoxy, topic category:Eastern Orthodoxy Topical context labels
ebonics 30 April redirect to African American Vernacular English
ecclesiastical 30 April label:ecclesiastical, topic category:Ecclesiastical Topical context labels
ecology 30 April label:ecology, topic category:Ecology Topical context labels
economics 30 April label:economics, topic category:Economics Topical context labels
Ecuador 30 April label:Ecuador, regional category:Ecuadorian, default language:es
Ecuadorian Spanish 30 April redirect to Ecuador
education 30 April label:education, topic category:Education Topical context labels
Egyptian mythology 30 April label:Egyptian mythology, topic category:Egyptian mythology Mythology context labels
Ekavian 30 April label:Ekavian, regional category:Ekavian, default language:bs
El Salvador 30 April label:El Salvador, regional category:Salvadorian, default language:es
electrical engineering 30 April label:electrical engineering, topic category:Electrical engineering Topical context labels
electricity 30 April label:electricity, topic category:Electricity Topical context labels
electrodynamics 30 April label:electrodynamics, topic category:Electrodynamics Topical context labels
electromagnetism 30 April label:electromagnetism, topic category:Electromagnetism Topical context labels
electronic game 30 April redirect to video games
electronic games 30 April redirect to video games
electronic gaming 30 April redirect to video games
electronics 30 April label:electronics, topic category:Electronics Topical context labels
Electronics 30 April redirect to electronics
element symbol 30 April label:chemistry, topic category:Symbols for chemical elements Topical context labels
Elementary Mandarin 30 April label:Elementary Mandarin, topic category:Elementary_Mandarin
embryology 30 April label:embryology, topic category:Embryology Topical context labels
emphatic 30 April label:emphatic, Grammatical context labels
en-ergative 30 April redirect to ergative
endearing 30 April label:endearing, Usage context labels
endocrinology 30 April label:endocrinology, topic category:Endocrinology
engineering 30 April label:engineering, topic category:Engineering Topical context labels
entomology 30 April label:entomology, topic category:Entomology Topical context labels
Entomology 30 April redirect to entomology
enzyme 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Enzymes Topical context labels
epidemiology 30 April label:epidemiology, topic category:Epidemiology Topical context labels
epistemology 30 April label:epistemology, topic category:Epistemology Topical context labels
ergative 30 April label:ergative, POS category:ergative verbs
especially 30 April redirect to chiefly
ethics 30 April label:ethics, topic category:Ethics Topical context labels
ethnic slur 30 April label:ethnic slur, topic category:Ethnic slurs, Usage context labels
euphemism 30 April label:euphemism, topic category:Euphemisms, Usage context labels
euphemistic 30 April redirect to euphemism
Europe 30 April label:Europe, regional category:European, default language:fr
European French 30 April redirect to Europe
exercise 30 April label:exercise (sport), topic category:Exercise Sports context labels
extremely 30 April label:extremely, (space) Qualifier context labels
familiar 30 April label:familiar, topic category:Informal, Usage context labels
fandom 30 April label:fandom, topic category:Fandom Topical context labels
fantasy 30 April label:fantasy, topic category:Fantasy Topical context labels
farming 30 April redirect to agriculture
fashion 30 April label:fashion, topic category:Fashion
fatty acid 30 April label:organic chemistry, topic category:Fatty acids Topical context labels
fencing 30 April label:fencing, topic category:Fencing Sports context labels
fiction 30 April label:fiction, topic category:Fiction Topical context labels
field hockey 30 April label:field hockey, topic category:Field hockey Sports context labels
figurative 30 April redirect to figuratively
figuratively 30 April label:figuratively, Qualifier context labels
figure of speech 30 April label:rhetoric, topic category:Figures of speech Topical context labels
figure skating 30 April label:figure skating, topic category:Figure skating Sports context labels
Film 30 April redirect to cinematography
film 30 April redirect to cinematography
filmology 30 April redirect to cinematography
Filmology 30 April redirect to cinematography
finance 30 April label:finance, topic category:Finance Topical context labels
Finance 30 April redirect to finance
firefighting 30 April label:firefighting, topic category:Firefighting Topical context labels
fishing 30 April label:fishing, topic category:Fishing Sports context labels
Flanders 30 April redirect to Flemish
Flemish 30 April label:Flemish, regional category:Flemish, default language:nl
fluid dynamics 30 April label:fluid dynamics, topic category:Fluid dynamics Topical context labels
fluid mechanics 30 April label:fluid mechanics, topic category:Mechanics
football 30 April redirect to soccer
Forestry 30 April redirect to forestry
forestry 30 April label:forestry, topic category:Forestry Topical context labels
formal 30 April label:formal, Usage context labels
fractional 30 April label:fractional, topic category:Fractional numbers, Grammatical context labels
France 30 April label:France, regional category:French, default language:fr
freemasonry 30 April label:freemasonry, topic category:Freemasonry Topical context labels
frequentative 30 April label:frequentative, Grammatical context labels
frequently 30 April label:frequently, (space)
functional analysis 30 April label:functional analysis, topic category:Functional analysis, Mathematics context labels
furniture 30 April label:furniture, topic category:Furniture Topical context labels
galaxy 30 April label:astronomy, topic category:Galaxies Topical context labels
gambling 30 April label:gambling, topic category:Gambling Topical context labels
game 30 April redirect to games
game of go 30 April label:game of Go, topic category:Go, Games context labels
game theory 30 April label:game theory, topic category:Game theory, Games context labels
gameplay 30 April redirect to gaming
games 30 April label:games, topic category:Games, Games context labels
gametheory 30 April redirect to game theory
gaming 30 April label:gaming, topic category:Gaming, Games context labels
gardening 30 April redirect to horticulture
Gascony 30 April label:Gascony, regional category:Gascon, default language:oc
gay culture 30 April redirect to LGBT
gay slang 30 April label:gay slang, topic category:Gay slang
genealogy 30 April label:genealogy, topic category:Genealogy Topical context labels
genetics 30 April label:genetics, topic category:Genetics Topical context labels
geography 30 April label:geography, topic category:Geography Topical context labels
Geography 30 April redirect to geography
geology 30 April label:geology, topic category:Geology Topical context labels
Geology 30 April redirect to geology
Geometry 30 April redirect to geometry
geometry 30 April label:geometry, topic category:Geometry, Mathematics context labels
geomorphology 30 April label:geomorphology, topic category:Geomorphology Topical context labels
Geordie 30 April label:Geordie, regional category:Geordie, default language:en
geordie 30 April redirect to Geordie
glassblowing 30 April label:glassblowing, topic category:Glassblowing Topical context labels
gnosticism 30 April redirect to Gnosticism
Gnosticism 30 April label:Gnosticism, topic category:Gnosticism Religion context labels
golf 30 April label:golf, topic category:Golf Sports context labels
government 30 April label:government, topic category:Government
Grammar 30 April redirect to grammar
grammar 30 April label:grammar, topic category:Grammar
graph theory 30 April label:graph theory, topic category:Graph theory, Mathematics context labels
graphical user interface 30 April label:graphical user interface, topic category:Graphical user interface Topical context labels
graphical user interfaces 30 April redirect to graphical user interface
graphtheory 30 April redirect to graph theory
Graphtheory 30 April redirect to graph theory
Greek mythology 30 April label:Greek mythology, topic category:Greek mythology Mythology context labels
greek mythology 30 April redirect to Greek mythology
greekmyth 30 April redirect to Greek mythology
group theory 30 April label:group theory, topic category:Group theory, Mathematics context labels
grouptheory 30 April redirect to group theory
Grouptheory 30 April redirect to group theory
Guatemala 30 April label:Guatemala, regional category:Guatemalan, default language:es
Guatemalan Spanish 30 April redirect to Guatemala
Guernsey 30 April label:Guernsey, regional category:guernsey, default language:en
GUI 30 April redirect to graphical user interface
gymnastics 30 April label:gymnastics, topic category:Gymnastics Sports context labels
gynaecology 30 April label:gynaecology, topic category:Gynaecology Topical context labels
ham radio 30 April label:ham radio, topic category:Ham radio Topical context labels
Hamradio 30 April redirect to ham radio
hamradio 30 April redirect to ham radio
Hartlepool 30 April label:Hartlepool, regional category:Teesside, default language:en
Hawaii 30 April label:Hawaii, regional category:Hawaiian, default language:en
Hawaiian mythology 30 April label:Hawaiian mythology, topic category:Hawaiian mythology Mythology context labels
healthcare 30 April label:healthcare, topic category:Healthcare Topical context labels
hematology 30 April label:hematology, topic category:Hematology Topical context labels
heraldiccharge 30 April label:heraldry, topic category:Heraldic charges Topical context labels
heraldry 30 April label:heraldry, topic category:Heraldry Topical context labels
herbalism 30 April label:herbalism, topic category:Herbs Topical context labels
herpetology 30 April label:herpetology, topic category:Zoology
Hinduism 30 April label:Hinduism, topic category:Hinduism Religion context labels
historic 30 April redirect to historical
historical 30 April label:historical, topic category:History
historiography 30 April label:historiography, topic category:Historiography Topical context labels
history 30 April label:history, topic category:History Topical context labels
History 30 April redirect to history
hockey 30 April redirect to field hockey
homeopathy 30 April label:homeopathy, topic category:Homeopathy
Honduras 30 April label:Honduras, regional category:Honduran, default language:es
Hong Kong 30 April label:Hong Kong, regional category:Hong Kong, default language:en
hormone 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Hormones Topical context labels
horror 30 April label:horror, topic category:Horror Topical context labels
horse racing 30 April label:horse racing, topic category:Horse racing Sports context labels
horticulture 30 April label:horticulture, topic category:Horticulture Topical context labels
HTML 30 April label:HTML, topic category:HTML Topical context labels
human resources 30 April label:human resources, topic category:Human resources Topical context labels
humanities 30 April label:humanities, topic category:Humanities Topical context labels
humorous 30 April label:humorous, topic category:Jocular, Usage context labels
hunting 30 April label:hunting, topic category:Hunting
hydrology 30 April label:hydrology, topic category:Hydrology Topical context labels
hypercorrect 30 April label:hypercorrect, topic category:Hypercorrect, Usage context labels
hyperforeign 30 April label:hyperforeign, topic category:Hyperforeign, Usage context labels
ice hockey 30 April label:ice hockey, topic category:Ice hockey Sports context labels
Icehockey 30 April redirect to ice hockey
icehockey 30 April redirect to ice hockey
ichthyology 30 April label:ichthyology, topic category:Ichthyology Topical context labels
Idiom 30 April redirect to idiomatic
idiom 30 April redirect to idiomatic
idiomatic 30 April label:idiomatic, POS category:idioms, Grammatical context labels
Ijekavian 30 April label:Ijekavian, regional category:Ijekavian, default language:sr
Ikavian 30 April label:Ikavian, regional category:Ikavian, default language:sh
immunochemistry 30 April label:immunochemistry, topic category:Immunochemistry Topical context labels
immunology 30 April label:immunology, topic category:Immunology Topical context labels
imperative 30 April label:imperative, Grammatical context labels
impersonal 30 April label:impersonal, POS category:impersonal verbs, Grammatical context labels
Impersonal 30 April redirect to impersonal
in dual 30 April label:in dual, Grammatical context labels
in mediopassive 30 April label:in mediopassive, Grammatical context labels
in plural 30 April label:in plural, Grammatical context labels, Pluralia tantum
inanimate 30 April label:inanimate, Grammatical context labels
incoterm 30 April label:incoterm, topic category:Incoterms Topical context labels
indecl 30 April label:indeclinable, Grammatical context labels
indeclinable 30 April redirect to indecl
indef 30 April redirect to indefinite
indefinite 30 April label:indefinite, Grammatical context labels
India 30 April label:India, regional category:Indian, default language:en
Indian English 30 April redirect to India
industry 30 April redirect to manufacturing
informal 30 April label:informal, topic category:Informal, Usage context labels
informally 30 April redirect to informal
information science 30 April label:information science, topic category:Information science Topical context labels
information theory 30 April label:information theory, topic category:Information theory
injunctive 30 April label:injunctive, Grammatical context labels
inorganic chemistry 30 April label:inorganic chemistry, topic category:Inorganic chemistry Topical context labels
inorganic compound 30 April label:inorganic chemistry, topic category:Inorganic compounds Topical context labels
intensive 30 April label:intensive, Grammatical context labels
Intermediate Mandarin 30 April label:Intermediate Mandarin, topic category:Intermediate_Mandarin
international law 30 April label:international law, topic category:International law Topical context labels
internet 30 April redirect to Internet
Internet 30 April label:Internet, topic category:Internet
internet messaging 30 April redirect to text messaging
internet slang 30 April label:Internet slang, topic category:Internet slang, Usage context labels
Internet slang 30 April redirect to internet slang
interrogative 30 April label:interrogative, Grammatical context labels
intransitive 30 April label:intransitive, Grammatical context labels
IRC 30 April label:IRC, topic category:Text messaging Topical context labels, Usage context labels
Ireland 30 April label:Irish, regional category:Irish, default language:en
Irish 30 April redirect to Ireland
Irish English 30 April redirect to Ireland
Irish mythology 30 April label:Irish mythology, topic category:Irish mythology Mythology context labels
Iron 30 April label:Iron dialect, regional category:Iron, default language:os
Iron dialect 30 April redirect to Iron
Islam 30 April label:Islam, topic category:Islam Religion context labels
Isle of Mann 30 April label:Manx, regional category:Manx, default language:en
isotope 30 April label:physics, topic category:Isotopes Topical context labels
Jamaica 30 April label:Jamaica, regional category:Jamaican, default language:en
Jamaican 30 April redirect to Jamaica
Jamaican English 30 April redirect to Jamaica
jargon 30 April label:jargon, Usage context labels
jazz 30 April label:jazz, topic category:Jazz Topical context labels
Jeju 30 April label:Jeju, regional category:Jeju, default language:ko
Jeju dialect 30 April redirect to Jeju
Jersey 30 April label:Jersey, regional category:Jersey, default language:en
jocular 30 April redirect to humorous
journalism 30 April label:journalism, topic category:Media Topical context labels
Judaism 30 April label:Judaism, topic category:Judaism Religion context labels
judo 30 April label:judo, topic category:Judo Sports context labels
juggling 30 April label:juggling, topic category:Juggling
Kajkavian 30 April label:Kajkavian, regional category:Kajkavian, default language:sh
Kansai 30 April label:Kansai, regional category:Kansai
Karachay 30 April label:Karachay, topic category:Karachay, default language:en
Kenya 30 April label:Kenya, regional category:Kenyan, default language:en
knitting 30 April label:knitting, topic category:Knitting Topical context labels
lacrosse 30 April label:lacrosse, topic category:Lacrosse Sports context labels
Lancashire 30 April label:Lancashire, regional category:Lancashire, default language:en
landform 30 April redirect to landforms
landforms 30 April label:landform, topic category:Landforms Topical context labels
Latin America 30 April label:Latin America, regional category:Latin American, default language:es
Latin American Spanish 30 April redirect to Latin America
Law 30 April redirect to legal
law enforcement 30 April label:law enforcement, topic category:Law enforcement Topical context labels
leet 30 April label:leet, topic category:Leet, Usage context labels
legal 30 April label:law, topic category:Law Topical context labels
legalese 30 April redirect to legal
letterpress 30 April label:letterpress typography, topic category:Typography
lexicography 30 April label:lexicography, topic category:Lexicography Topical context labels
Lexicography 30 April redirect to lexicography
LGBT 30 April label:LGBT, topic category:LGBT
library science 30 April label:library science, topic category:Library science Topical context labels
limnology 30 April label:limnology, topic category:Ecology
Lincolnshire 30 April label:Lincolnshire, regional category:Lincolnshire, default language:en
linear algebra 30 April label:linear algebra, topic category:Linear algebra, Mathematics context labels
linearalg 30 April redirect to linear algebra
linguistic morphology 30 April label:linguistics, topic category:Linguistic morphology Topical context labels
Linguistics 30 April redirect to linguistics
linguistics 30 April label:linguistics, topic category:Linguistics Topical context labels
literal 30 April redirect to literally
literally 30 April label:literally, Qualifier context labels
literary 30 April label:literary, topic category:Literary, Usage context labels
literature 30 April label:literature, topic category:Literature Topical context labels
Liverpool 30 April label:Liverpudlian, regional category:Liverpudlian, default language:en
Liverpudlian 30 April redirect to Liverpool
Liverpudlian dialect 30 April redirect to Liverpool
logic 30 April label:logic, topic category:Logic Topical context labels
Logic 30 April redirect to logic
logical fallacy 30 April label:logical fallacy, topic category:Logical fallacies Topical context labels
London 30 April label:London, regional category:London, default language:en
Lowlands Scots 30 April label:Lowlands Scots, regional category:Lowlands, default language:sco
luge 30 April label:luge, topic category:Luge Sports context labels
lumbering 30 April label:lumbering, topic category:Forestry Topical context labels
Lviv 30 April label:Lviv, regional category:Lviv, default language:uk
mainly 30 April redirect to chiefly
malacology 30 April label:malacology, topic category:Malacology Topical context labels
Malaysia 30 April label:Malaysian, regional category:Malay, default language:en
Mallorca 30 April label:Mallorca, regional category:Mallorcan
Management 30 April redirect to management
management 30 April label:management, topic category:Management Topical context labels
manga 30 April label:manga, topic category:Anime and manga Topical context labels
Manitoba 30 April label:Manitoba, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
manufacturing 30 April label:manufacturing, topic category:Manufacturing Topical context labels
Manx 30 April redirect to Isle of Mann
marine biology 30 April label:marine biology, topic category:Marine biology, Science context labels
markedly 30 April label:markedly, (space) Qualifier context labels
marketing 30 April label:marketing, topic category:Marketing Topical context labels
martial arts 30 April label:martial arts, topic category:Martial arts Sports context labels
Marxism 30 April label:Marxism, topic category:Marxism Topical context labels
massage 30 April label:massage, topic category:Massage Topical context labels
materials engineering 30 April redirect to materials science
materials science 30 April label:materials science, topic category:Materials science
Math 30 April redirect to mathematics
math 30 April redirect to mathematics
Mathematics 30 April redirect to mathematics
mathematics 30 April label:mathematics, topic category:Mathematics
maths 30 April redirect to mathematics
Mecayapan 30 April label:Mecayapan, regional category:Mecayapan, default language:nah
mechanical engineering 30 April label:mechanical engineering, topic category:Mechanical engineering Topical context labels
mechanics 30 April label:mechanics, topic category:Mechanics Topical context labels
media 30 April label:media, topic category:Media Topical context labels
medical 30 April redirect to medicine
medicine 30 April label:medicine, topic category:Medicine Topical context labels
Medicine 30 April redirect to medicine
metadata 30 April label:metadata, topic category:Data management Topical context labels
metal type 30 April redirect to letterpress
metal typesetting 30 April redirect to letterpress
metallurgy 30 April label:metallurgy, topic category:Metallurgy Topical context labels
metaphorically 30 April redirect to figuratively
metaphysics 30 April label:metaphysics, topic category:Metaphysics Topical context labels
meteorology 30 April label:meteorology, topic category:Meteorology Topical context labels
metonymy 30 April label:metonymy, Qualifier context labels
metrology 30 April label:metrology, topic category:Metrology Topical context labels
Mexico 30 April label:Mexico, regional category:Mexican, default language:es
microbiology 30 April label:microbiology, topic category:Microbiology Topical context labels
Microelectronics 30 April redirect to microelectronics
microelectronics 30 April label:microelectronics, topic category:Microelectronics Topical context labels
microscopy 30 April label:microscopy, topic category:Microscopy
miguxês 30 April label:miguxês, topic category:Miguxês, Usage context labels
mildly 30 April label:mildly, (space) Qualifier context labels
Military 30 April redirect to military
military 30 April label:military, topic category:Military Topical context labels
military rank 30 April redirect to military ranks
military ranks 30 April label:military, topic category:Military ranks Topical context labels
military slang 30 April label:military slang, topic category:Military slang, Usage context labels
mineral 30 April label:mineralogy, topic category:Minerals Topical context labels
mineralogy 30 April label:mineralogy, topic category:Mineralogy Topical context labels
Mining 30 April redirect to mining
mining 30 April label:mining, topic category:Mining Topical context labels
MMO 30 April redirect to online gaming
MMORPG 30 April redirect to online gaming
mobile phone 30 April redirect to mobile phones
mobile phones 30 April label:mobile telephony, topic category:Mobile phones Topical context labels
mobile telephony 30 April redirect to mobile phones
molecular biology 30 April label:molecular biology, topic category:Molecular biology Topical context labels
monarchy 30 April label:monarchy, topic category:Monarchy Topical context labels
money 30 April label:money, topic category:Money Topical context labels
Mormon 30 April redirect to Mormonism
Mormonism 30 April label:Mormonism, topic category:Mormonism Religion context labels
morphology 30 April redirect to linguistic morphology
mostly 30 April redirect to chiefly
motor racing 30 April label:motor racing, topic category:Motor racing Sports context labels
motor sport 30 April redirect to motor racing
motorcycling 30 April label:motorcycling, topic category:Motorcycles
mountaineering 30 April redirect to climbing
Munster 30 April label:Munster, regional category:Munster, default language:ga
muscle 30 April label:anatomy, topic category:Muscles Topical context labels
mushroom 30 April label:mycology, topic category:Mushrooms Topical context labels
mushrooms 30 April redirect to mushroom
music 30 April label:music, topic category:Music Topical context labels
Music 30 April redirect to music
musical instrument 30 April redirect to musical instruments
musical instruments 30 April label:music, topic category:Musical instruments Topical context labels
musici 30 April redirect to musical instruments
mycology 30 April label:mycology, topic category:Mycology Topical context labels
Mythology 30 April redirect to mythology
mythology 30 April label:mythology, topic category:Mythology Mythology context labels
Nanotech 30 April redirect to nanotechnology
nanotech 30 April redirect to nanotechnology
nanotechnology 30 April label:nanotechnology, topic category:Nanotechnology Topical context labels
narratology 30 April label:narratology, topic category:Narratology Topical context labels
Nautical 30 April redirect to nautical
nautical 30 April label:nautical, topic category:Nautical Topical context labels
navigation 30 April label:navigation, topic category:Navigation Topical context labels
negative 30 April label:negative, Grammatical context labels
nematology 30 April label:nematology, topic category:Zoology
neologism 30 April label:neologism, topic category:Neologisms, Period context labels
neologistic 30 April redirect to neologism
netball 30 April label:netball, topic category:Netball Sports context labels
Netherlands 30 April label:Netherlands, regional category:Netherlands, default language:nl
networking 30 April label:networking, topic category:Networking Topical context labels
neuroanatomy 30 April label:neuroanatomy, topic category:Neuroanatomy Topical context labels
neurology 30 April label:neurology, topic category:Neurology Topical context labels
neuroscience 30 April label:neuroscience, topic category:Neuroscience Topical context labels
neurosurgery 30 April label:neurosurgery, topic category:Neurosurgery Topical context labels
neurotoxin 30 April label:neurotoxicology, topic category:Neurotoxins Topical context labels
neurotransmitter 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Neurotransmitters Topical context labels
New Brunswick 30 April label:New Brunswick, regional category:Atlantic Canadian, default language:en Atlantic Canadian English
new label 30 April (not a context label) Page creation templates
New Zealand 30 April label:New Zealand, regional category:New Zealand
New Zealand English 30 April redirect to New Zealand
Newcastle 30 April redirect to Geordie
Newfoundland 30 April label:Newfoundland, regional category:Newfoundland, default language:en Newfoundland English
newspapers 30 April label:newspapers, topic category:Newspapers Topical context labels
Newtonian physics 30 April redirect to classical mechanics
Nfld 30 April redirect to Newfoundland
Nicaragua 30 April label:Nicaragua, regional category:Nicaraguan, default language:es
no longer productive 30 April label:no longer productive, topic category:No longer productive, Usage context labels
non-standard 30 April redirect to nonstandard
nonce 30 April label:nonce word, topic category:Nonce words
nonce word 30 April redirect to nonce
nonstandard 30 April label:nonstandard, topic category:Nonstandard, Usage context labels
Norfolk 30 April label:Norfolk, regional category:Norfolk, default language:en
Norse mythology 30 April label:Norse mythology, topic category:Norse mythology Mythology context labels
norse mythology 30 April redirect to Norse mythology
North America 30 April label:North America, regional category:North American, default language:en
North American 30 April redirect to North America
North Korea 30 April label:North Korea, regional category:North
Northeast England 30 April label:Northeast England, regional category:Northumbrian, default language:en
Northern Crimea 30 April label:Northern Crimean, regional category:Northern, default language:crh
Northern Crimean 30 April redirect to Northern Crimea
Northern Dutch 30 April label:Northern Dutch, regional category:Northern, lang=nl
Northern England 30 April label:Northern England, regional category:Northern England, default language:en
Northern English 30 April redirect to Northern England
Northern English dialect 30 April redirect to Northern England
Northern Irish 30 April label:Northern Irish, regional category:British, default language:en
Northumbria 30 April label:Northumbrian, regional category:Northumbrian, default language:en
Northumbrian 30 April redirect to Northumbria
Northwest Territories 30 April label:Northwest Territories, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
not comparable 30 April label:not comparable, Grammatical context labels
notcomparable 30 April redirect to not comparable
Nova Scotia 30 April label:Nova Scotia, regional category:Atlantic Canadian, default language:en Atlantic Canadian English
nowadays 30 April label:now, (space)
nuclear physics 30 April label:nuclear physics, topic category:Nuclear physics Topical context labels
number theory 30 April label:number theory, topic category:Number theory Topical context labels
numbertheory 30 April redirect to number theory
numismatics 30 April label:numismatics, topic category:Money Topical context labels
Nunavut 30 April label:Nunavut, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
nutrition 30 April label:nutrition, topic category:Nutrition Topical context labels
NZ 30 April redirect to New Zealand
obsolete 30 April label:obsolete, topic category:Obsolete, Period context labels
Obsolete 30 April redirect to obsolete
occult 30 April label:occult, topic category:Occult Topical context labels
of a person 30 April label:of a person, Grammatical context labels
offensive 30 April label:offensive, topic category:Offensive, Usage context labels
often 30 April label:often, (space) Qualifier context labels
oil drilling 30 April redirect to oil industry
oil industry 30 April label:oil industry, topic category:Oil industry Topical context labels
oncology 30 April label:oncology, topic category:Oncology Topical context labels
online games 30 April redirect to online gaming
online gaming 30 April label:online gaming, topic category:Video games, Games context labels
onomat 30 April redirect to onomatopoeia
Onomatopoeia 30 April redirect to onomatopoeia
onomatopoeia 30 April label:onomatopoeia, topic category:Onomatopoeia, Grammatical context labels
Ontario 30 April label:Ontario, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
opera 30 April label:opera, topic category:Opera
operating system 30 April redirect to operating systems
operating systems 30 April label:operating systems, topic category:Software Topical context labels
ophthalmology 30 April label:ophthalmology, topic category:Ophthalmology
optics 30 April label:optics, topic category:Optics Topical context labels
Optics 30 April redirect to optics
ordinal 30 April label:ordinal, topic category:Ordinal numbers, Grammatical context labels
organic chemistry 30 April label:organic chemistry, topic category:Organic chemistry Topical context labels
organic compound 30 April redirect to organic compounds
organic compounds 30 April label:organic chemistry, topic category:Organic compounds Topical context labels
originally 30 April label:originally, (space) Qualifier context labels
ornithology 30 April label:ornithology, topic category:Ornithology
orthodontics 30 April label:orthodontics, topic category:Dentistry Topical context labels
orthography 30 April label:orthography, topic category:Orthography Topical context labels
Paganism 30 April redirect to paganism
paganism 30 April label:paganism, topic category:Paganism Topical context labels
paintball 30 April label:paintball, topic category:Paintball Sports context labels
painting 30 April label:painting, topic category:Painting
Pakistan 30 April label:Pakistan, regional category:Pakistani, default language:en
palaeontology 30 April redirect to paleontology
paleontology 30 April label:paleontology, topic category:Paleontology Topical context labels
palmistry 30 April label:palmistry, topic category:Palmistry Topical context labels
palynology 30 April label:palynology, topic category:Palynology
parapsychology 30 April label:parapsychology, topic category:Parapsychology Topical context labels
particles 30 April label:physics, topic category:Elementary particles Topical context labels
particularly 30 April redirect to chiefly
passive 30 April label:passive, Grammatical context labels
patent law 30 April label:patents, topic category:Patent law Topical context labels
patents 30 April redirect to patent law
pathology 30 April label:pathology, topic category:Pathology Topical context labels
pejorative 30 April label:pejorative, topic category:Pejoratives, Usage context labels
pejoratives 30 April redirect to pejorative
personal 30 April label:personal, Grammatical context labels
Peru 30 April label:Peru, regional category:Peruvian, default language:es
petrochemistry 30 April label:petrochemistry, topic category:Petrochemistry Topical context labels
pharmaceutical drug 30 April label:pharmacology, topic category:Pharmaceutical drugs Topical context labels
Pharmacology 30 April redirect to pharmacology
pharmacology 30 April label:pharmacology, topic category:Pharmacology Topical context labels
pharmacy 30 April label:pharmacy, topic category:Pharmacy Topical context labels
philately 30 April label:philately, topic category:Philately Topical context labels
Philippines 30 April label:Philippines, regional category:Filipino, default language:en
philosophy 30 April label:philosophy, topic category:Philosophy Topical context labels
Philosophy 30 April redirect to philosophy
phonetics 30 April label:phonetics, topic category:Phonetics Topical context labels
phonology 30 April label:phonology, topic category:Phonology Topical context labels
photography 30 April label:photography, topic category:Photography Topical context labels
physical chemistry 30 April label:physical chemistry, topic category:Physical chemistry Topical context labels
physics 30 April label:physics, topic category:Physics Topical context labels
Physics 30 April redirect to physics
physiology 30 April label:physiology, topic category:Physiology Topical context labels
Physiology 30 April redirect to physiology
Picardy 30 April label:Picardy, regional category:Picard, default language:fr
planetary science 30 April redirect to planetology
planetology 30 April label:planetology, topic category:Planetology Topical context labels
plant 30 April label:botany, topic category:Plants Topical context labels
plants 30 April redirect to plant
playing card 30 April redirect to card games
plural only 30 April redirect to pluralonly
plurale tantum 30 April label:plurale tantum, POS category:pluralia tantum, Grammatical context labels, Pluralia tantum
pluralia tantum 30 April redirect to plurale tantum
pluralonly 30 April label:plural only; not used in singular form, POS category:pluralia tantum, Grammatical context labels
poetic 30 April label:poetic, topic category:Poetic, Usage context labels
poetry 30 April label:poetry, topic category:Poetry Topical context labels
poison 30 April label:toxicology, topic category:Poisons Topical context labels
poker 30 April label:poker, topic category:Poker, Games context labels
Poker 30 April redirect to poker
poker slang 30 April label:poker slang, topic category:Poker, Games context labels
Polari 30 April label:Polari, topic category:Polari Regional context labels
police 30 April redirect to law enforcement
political 30 April redirect to politics
political science 30 April label:political science, topic category:Political science Topical context labels
politics 30 April label:politics, topic category:Politics Topical context labels
polymer science 30 April label:polymer science, topic category:Polymer science
pornography 30 April label:pornography, topic category:Pornography Topical context labels
Portugal 30 April label:Portugal, regional category:European, default language:pt
possessive 30 April label:possessive, Grammatical context labels
possessive pronoun 30 April label:possessive, POS category:possessive pronouns, Grammatical context labels
postpositive 30 April label:postpositive, Grammatical context labels
pottery 30 April label:pottery, topic category:Ceramics
pragmatics 30 April label:pragmatics, topic category:Pragmatics Topical context labels
Prairies 30 April redirect to Canadian Prairies
primarily 30 April redirect to chiefly
Prince Edward Island 30 April label:Prince Edward Island, regional category:Atlantic Canadian, default language:en Atlantic Canadian English
printing 30 April label:printing, topic category:Printing Topical context labels
probability theory 30 April label:probability theory, topic category:Probability theory, Mathematics context labels
programming 30 April label:programming, topic category:Programming Topical context labels
pronominal 30 April label:pronominal, Grammatical context labels
property law 30 April label:property law, topic category:Property law Topical context labels
proscribed 30 April label:proscribed, topic category:Disputed usage, Usage context labels
prosody 30 April label:prosody, topic category:Prosody Topical context labels
protein 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Proteins Topical context labels
proteins 30 April redirect to protein
Protestantism 30 April label:Protestantism, topic category:Protestantism Religion context labels
Pseudoscience 30 April redirect to pseudoscience
pseudoscience 30 April label:pseudoscience, topic category:Pseudoscience Topical context labels
Psychiatry 30 April redirect to psychiatry
psychiatry 30 April label:psychiatry, topic category:Psychiatry Topical context labels
psychoanalysis 30 April label:psychoanalysis, topic category:Psychoanalysis Topical context labels
psychology 30 April label:psychology, topic category:Psychology Topical context labels
psychotherapy 30 April label:psychotherapy, topic category:Psychotherapy Topical context labels
publishing 30 April label:publishing, topic category:Publishing
pyrotechnics 30 April label:pyrotechnics, topic category:Pyrotechnics Topical context labels
quantum 30 April redirect to quantum mechanics
Quantum 30 April redirect to quantum mechanics
quantum mechanics 30 April label:quantum mechanics, topic category:Quantum mechanics Topical context labels
quantum physics 30 April redirect to quantum mechanics
Quebec 30 April label:Quebec, regional category:Quebec, default language:fr Quebec English
rail 30 April redirect to rail transport
Rail transport 30 April redirect to rail transport
rail transport 30 April label:rail transport, topic category:Rail transportation Topical context labels
railroading 30 April redirect to rail transport
railroads 30 April label:rail transport, topic category:Rail transportation
Rare 30 April redirect to rare
rare 30 April label:rare, topic category:Rare, Usage context labels
Rasta 30 April redirect to rasta
rasta 30 April label:Rastafarian, topic category:Rastafarian Topical context labels
refl 30 April redirect to reflexive
reflexive 30 April label:reflexive, Grammatical context labels
regional 30 April label:regional, regional category:Regional, default language:en
relative 30 April label:relative, Grammatical context labels
relativity 30 April label:physics, topic category:Relativity Topical context labels
religion 30 April label:religion, topic category:Religion Topical context labels
Rhetoric 30 April redirect to rhetoric
rhetoric 30 April label:rhetoric, topic category:Rhetoric Topical context labels
rhetorical question 30 April label:rhetorical question, POS category:rhetorical questions, Grammatical context labels
rhetorical-question 30 April redirect to rhetorical question
Rio de Janeiro 30 April label:Rio de Janeiro city, regional category:Carioca, default language:pt
robotics 30 April label:robotics, topic category:Robotics
role playing games 30 April redirect to role-playing games
role-playing games 30 April label:role-playing games, topic category:Gaming, Games context labels
Roman Catholicism 30 April label:Roman Catholicism, topic category:Roman Catholicism Religion context labels
Roman mythology 30 April label:Roman mythology, topic category:Roman mythology Mythology context labels
roofing 30 April label:roofing, topic category:Roofing Topical context labels
rowing 30 April label:rowing, topic category:Rowing Sports context labels
Rugby 30 April redirect to rugby
rugby 30 April label:rugby, topic category:Rugby Sports context labels
rugby league 30 April label:rugby league, topic category:Rugby league Topical context labels
rugby union 30 April label:rugby union, topic category:Rugby union Sports context labels
sailing 30 April label:sailing, topic category:Nautical Sports context labels
Saskatchewan 30 April label:Saskatchewan, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
science 30 April redirect to sciences
Science 30 April redirect to sciences
science fiction 30 April label:science fiction, topic category:Science fiction Topical context labels
sciences 30 April label:sciences, topic category:Sciences Topical context labels
scientific 30 April redirect to sciences
Scientology 30 April label:Scientology, topic category:Scientology Religion context labels
scifi 30 April redirect to science fiction
Scifi 30 April redirect to science fiction
Scotland 30 April label:Scottish, regional category:Scottish, default language:en
Scottish 30 April redirect to Scotland
Scottish English 30 April redirect to Scotland
scrapbooking 30 April redirect to scrapbooks
scrapbooks 30 April label:scrapbooks, topic category:Scrapbooks Topical context labels
semantics 30 April label:semantics, topic category:Semantics Topical context labels
semiotics 30 April label:semiotics, topic category:Semiotics Topical context labels
set phrase 30 April label:set phrase, Grammatical context labels
set theory 30 April label:set theory, topic category:Set theory Topical context labels
set-phrase 30 April redirect to set phrase
settheory 30 April redirect to set theory
sewing 30 April label:sewing, topic category:Sewing Topical context labels
sexology 30 April label:sexology, topic category:Sexology
sexuality 30 April label:sexuality, topic category:Sexuality Topical context labels
shipping 30 April label:shipping, topic category:Shipping Topical context labels
shogi 30 April label:shogi, topic category:Shogi, Games context labels
signal processing 30 April label:signal processing, topic category:Signal processing Topical context labels
Sikhism 30 April label:Sikhism, topic category:Sikhism Religion context labels
Silla 4 May label:Silla, regional category:Silla, lang={{{lang|oko}}}
simile 30 April label:simile, POS category:similes, Grammatical context labels
Singapore 30 April label:Singapore, regional category:Singapore, default language:en
singulare tantum 30 April label:singulare tantum, POS category:singularia tantum, Grammatical context labels, Singularia tantum
singularonly 30 April label:not used in plural form, POS category:singularia tantum, Grammatical context labels, Singularia tantum
skateboarding 30 April label:skateboarding, topic category:Skateboarding Sports context labels
skeleton 30 April label:anatomy, topic category:Skeleton Topical context labels
skiing 30 April label:skiing, topic category:Skiing Sports context labels
Slang 30 April redirect to slang
slang 30 April label:slang, topic category:Slang, Usage context labels
slightly 30 April label:slightly, (space)
snooker 30 April label:snooker, topic category:Snooker Sports context labels
snowboarding 30 April label:snowboarding, topic category:Snowboarding Sports context labels
soccer 30 April label:soccer, topic category:Football (Soccer) Sports context labels
social science 30 April redirect to social sciences
social sciences 30 April label:social sciences, topic category:Social sciences
sociolinguistics 30 April label:sociolinguistics, topic category:Sociolinguistics Topical context labels
sociology 30 April label:sociology, topic category:Sociology Topical context labels
softball 30 April label:softball, topic category:Softball Sports context labels
Softeng 30 April redirect to software engineering
softeng 30 April redirect to software engineering
Software 30 April redirect to software
software 30 April label:software, topic category:Software Topical context labels
software engineering 30 April label:software engineering, topic category:Software engineering Topical context labels
soil science 30 April label:soil science, topic category:Soil science Topical context labels
sometimes 30 April label:sometimes, (space) Qualifier context labels
somewhat 30 April label:somewhat, (space), Qualifier context labels
sound engineering 30 April label:sound engineering, topic category:Sound engineering Topical context labels
soundeng 30 April redirect to sound engineering
Soundeng 30 April redirect to sound engineering
South Africa 30 April label:South African, regional category:South African, default language:en
South African English 30 April redirect to South Africa
South Korea 30 April label:South Korea, regional category:South
South Scots 30 April label:South Scots, regional category:South, default language:sco
space 30 April redirect to space science
space science 30 April label:space science, topic category:Space Topical context labels
Spain 30 April (not a context label) Spain context template cleanup, Spain context template cleanup, Regional templates
spectroscopy 30 April label:spectroscopy, topic category:Spectroscopy Topical context labels
spelunking 30 April redirect to caving
spiritualism 30 April label:spiritualism, topic category:Spiritualism Topical context labels
sport 30 April redirect to sports
Sports 30 April redirect to sports
sports 30 April label:sports, topic category:Sports Sports context labels
squash 30 April label:squash (sport), topic category:Squash Sports context labels
standard of identity 30 April (not a context label) Topical context labels
standards of identity 30 April redirect to standard of identity
star 30 April label:astronomy, topic category:Stars Topical context labels
statistics 30 April label:statistics, topic category:Statistics Topical context labels
steroid 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Steroids Topical context labels
steroid drug 30 April redirect to steroid hormone
steroid hormone 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Hormones, steroids Topical context labels
steroids 30 April redirect to steroid
stock market 30 April label:stock market, topic category:Stock market Topical context labels
stock symbol 30 April label:stock symbol, topic category:Stock symbols for companies Topical context labels
subculture 30 April label:subculture, topic category:Culture Topical context labels
sumo 30 April label:sumo, topic category:Sumo Sports context labels
surface feature 30 April label:planetology, topic category:Planetary nomenclature Topical context labels
surfing 30 April label:surfing, topic category:Surfing Sports context labels
surgery 30 April label:surgery, topic category:Surgery Topical context labels
surveying 30 April label:surveying, topic category:Surveying Topical context labels
sushi 30 April label:sushi, topic category:Sushi Topical context labels
Sussex 30 April label:Sussex, category:Sussex English, Regional context labels
Suðuroy 30 April label:Suðuroy dialect, regional category:Suðuroy, default language:fo
swimming 30 April label:swimming, topic category:Swimming Sports context labels
Switzerland 30 April label:Switzerland, regional category:Swiss, default language:de
symptom 30 April label:medicine, topic category:Medical signs and symptoms Topical context labels
systematics 30 April label:systematics, topic category:Systematics, Science context labels
systems theory 30 April label:systems theory, topic category:Systems theory, Science context labels
São Paulo 30 April label:São Paulo city, regional category:Paulistano, default language:pt
table tennis 30 April label:table tennis, topic category:Table tennis Sports context labels
Taiwan 30 April label:Taiwan, regional category:Taiwanese, default language:cmn
Taiwanese 30 April redirect to Taiwan
Taiwanese Mandarin 30 April redirect to Taiwan
tarot 30 April label:tarot, topic category:Divination, Games context labels
taxation 30 April label:taxation, topic category:Taxation Law, Topical context labels
taxonomic name 30 April label:taxonomy, topic category:Taxonomic names Topical context labels
taxonomy 30 April label:taxonomy, topic category:Taxonomy Topical context labels
Taxonomy 30 April redirect to taxonomy
technology 30 April label:technology, topic category:Technology Topical context labels
Teesside 30 April label:Teesside, regional category:Teesside, default language:en
telecommunication 30 April redirect to telecommunications
telecommunications 30 April label:telecommunications, topic category:Telecommunications Topical context labels
telegraphy 30 April label:telegraphy, topic category:Telegraphy Topical context labels
telephone 30 April redirect to telephony
telephones 30 April redirect to telephony
telephony 30 April label:telephony, topic category:Telephony Topical context labels
television 30 April label:television, topic category:Television Topical context labels
Tennis 30 April redirect to tennis
tennis 30 April label:tennis, topic category:Tennis Sports context labels
teratology 30 April label:teratology, topic category:Teratology Topical context labels
text messages 30 April redirect to text messaging
text messaging 30 April label:text messaging, topic category:Text messaging, Usage context labels
text msg 30 April redirect to text messaging
text-msg 30 April redirect to text messaging
textiles 30 April label:textiles, topic category:Textiles Topical context labels
texting 30 April redirect to text messaging
theater 30 April label:theater, topic category:Theater Topical context labels
theatre 30 April redirect to theater
theology 30 April label:theology, topic category:Theology Topical context labels
Theology 30 April redirect to theology
thermodynamics 30 April label:thermodynamics, topic category:Thermodynamics Topical context labels
tincture 30 April label:heraldry, topic category:Heraldic tincture Topical context labels
tiopês 30 April label:tiopês, topic category:Tiopês, Usage context labels
topology 30 April label:topology, topic category:Topology Topical context labels
Topology 30 April redirect to topology
tourism 30 April label:tourism, topic category:Tourism Topical context labels
toxicology 30 April label:toxicology, topic category:Toxicology Topical context labels
trademark 30 April label:trademark, topic category:Trademarks Topical context labels
trademarks 30 April redirect to trademark
trading 30 April label:trading, topic category:Trading Topical context labels
Transitive 30 April redirect to transitive
transitive 30 April label:transitive, Grammatical context labels
translation 30 April redirect to translation studies
Translation Studies 30 April redirect to translation studies
translation studies 30 April label:translation studies, topic category:Translation studies Topical context labels
transport 30 April label:transport, topic category:Transport Topical context labels
transportation 30 April redirect to transport
travel 30 April label:travel, topic category:Travel Topical context labels
trigonometry 30 April label:trigonometry, topic category:Trigonometry, Mathematics context labels
Trinidad and Tobago 30 April label:Trinidad and Tobago, regional category:Trinidad and Tobago
Tyneside 30 April label:Tyneside, regional category:Geordie, default language:en
typesetting 30 April redirect to typography
Typography 30 April redirect to typography
typography 30 April label:typography, topic category:Typography Topical context labels
U.S. 30 April redirect to US
U.S. English 30 April redirect to US
uds. 30 April label:used formally in Spain, default language:es Regional context labels, Spanish templates
UK 30 April redirect to British
UK slang 30 April redirect to British slang
Ullans 30 April label:Ulster Scots, regional category:Ulster, default language:sco
Ulster 30 April label:Ulster, regional category:Ulster, default language:ga
uncommon 30 April label:uncommon, topic category:Rare, Usage context labels
uncomparable 30 April redirect to not comparable
Uncountable 30 April redirect to uncountable
uncountable 30 April label:uncountable, POS category:uncountable nouns, Grammatical context labels
United Kingdom 30 April redirect to British
Uruguay 30 April label:Uruguay, regional category:Uruguayan, default language:es
US 30 April label:US, regional category:American
US English 30 April redirect to US
US slang 30 April redirect to American slang
USA 30 April redirect to US
usually 30 April label:usually, (space) Qualifier context labels
Valencia 30 April label:Valencia, regional category:Valencian, default language:ca
vector 30 April redirect to vector algebra
vector algebra 30 April label:vector algebra, topic category:Vector algebra, Mathematics context labels
vehicle 30 April label:vehicles, topic category:Vehicles Topical context labels
vehicles 30 April redirect to vehicle
Venezuela 30 April label:Venezuela, regional category:Venezuelan, default language:es
Venezuelan 30 April redirect to Venezuela
Venezuelan Spanish 30 April redirect to Venezuela
Venice 30 April label:in Venice, topic category:Venice
very 30 April label:very, (space) Qualifier context labels
veterinary medicine 30 April label:veterinary medicine, topic category:Veterinary medicine Topical context labels
video game genre 30 April label:video games, topic category:Video game genres, Games context labels
video games 30 April label:video games, topic category:Video games, Games context labels
video gaming 30 April redirect to video games
virology 30 April label:virology, topic category:Virology Topical context labels
vitamin 30 April label:biochemistry, topic category:Vitamins Topical context labels
volcanology 30 April label:volcanology, topic category:Volcanology
volleyball 30 April label:volleyball, topic category:Volleyball Sports context labels
vulcanology 30 April redirect to volcanology
vulgar 30 April label:vulgar, topic category:Vulgarities, Usage context labels
Vulgar 30 April redirect to vulgar
vulgar tongue 30 April redirect to Classic 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
Wales 30 April label:Welsh, regional category:Welsh, default language:en
Wallonia 30 April redirect to Belgium
wartime 30 April redirect to military
weaponry 30 April label:weaponry, topic category:Weapons Topical context labels
weapons 30 April redirect to weaponry
Wearside 30 April label:Wearside, regional category:Wearside, default language:en
weather 30 April label:weather
web design 30 April label:web design, topic category:Web design
weightlifting 30 April label:weightlifting, topic category:Weightlifting Sports context labels
West Midlands 30 April label:West Midlands, regional category:West Midlands
West Midlands English 30 April redirect to West Midlands
Western Armenian 30 April label:Western Armenian, regional category:Western, default language:hy
Western Ukraine 30 April label:Western Ukraine, regional category:Western, default language:uk
wikijargon 30 April redirect to Wiktionary and WMF jargon
Wiktionary and WMF jargon 4 May label:Wiktionary and WMF jargon, topic category:WMF jargon, bad iwiki: [[fr:Modèle:wiki]] Topical context labels
Wiktionary jargon 30 April redirect to Wiktionary and WMF jargon
wine 30 April label:wine, topic category:Wine
wjargon 30 April redirect to Wiktionary and WMF jargon
Wjargon 30 April redirect to Wiktionary and WMF jargon
wrestling 30 April label:wrestling, topic category:Wrestling Sports context labels
writing 30 April label:writing, topic category:Writing Topical context labels
Yanbian 30 April label:Yanbian, regional category:Yanbian, default language:ko
Yanbian dialect 30 April redirect to Yanbian
Yorkshire 30 April label:Yorkshire, regional category:Yorkshire, default language:en
Yorkshire dialect 30 April redirect to Yorkshire
Yukon 30 April label:Yukon, regional category:Canadian, default language:en Canadian English
Zimbabwe 30 April label:Zimbabwe, regional category:Zimbabwe, default language:en
Zoology 30 April redirect to zoology
zoology 30 April label:zoology, topic category:Zoology
zootomy 30 April label:zootomy, topic category:Zootomy Topical context labels
Zoroastrianism 30 April label:Zoroastrianism, topic category:Zoroastrianism Religion context labels
Čakavian 30 April redirect to Chakavian