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From Proto-Vietic *ʔɛːŋ.



anh (, )

  1. an elder brother
  2. (humorous) a generic thing
    Rồi xếp "anh" này lên trên "anh" kia.
    Then we're gonna put this "guy" (an object or piece) over here over that little "guy" over there.
    "Anh" u vuông góc với "anh" v thì "anh" u cũng vuông góc với "anh" d.
    If "guy" u (a geometric line) is perpendicular with "guy" v then he's also perpendicular with "guy" d.

Derived termsEdit


anh (, )

  1. I/me, a male who's (presumably) slightly older than you, or still young enough relative to you to be your older brother
    Antonyms: em, chú,
  2. I/me, your boyfriend
    Antonym: em
  3. (endearing) I/me, your husband
  4. you, a male who's (presumably) slightly older than me
    Synonym: bác
    Antonym: em
  5. you, my boyfriend
    Antonym: em
  6. you, my husband
    Antonyms: em, tôi
  7. (formal) you, a young adult man
    Antonym: tôi
  8. (humorous or ironic) you, Mr. or young man
    Antonym: tôi
  9. (literary) he/him, that young adult man

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