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ink +‎ -er

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inker (plural inkers)

  1. A person or device that applies ink.
  2. In comic book production, a person who outlines and otherwise embellishes the artwork of a penciler in preparation for publishing.
  3. A tattoo artist.

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From Old English incer, genitive form of ġit, from Proto-Germanic *inkweraz, possessive form of *jut. Initial /j/ is due to the influence of ȝit.

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  • IPA(key): /ˈinkər/, /ˈunkər/, /ˈjinkər/, /ˈjunkər/

Determiner edit

inker (nominative pronoun ȝit)

  1. (Early Middle English) Second-person dual possessive determiner: both of your.

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inker (nominative wit)

  1. (Early Middle English) First-person dual genitive pronoun: both of yours, the two of yours.

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