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to meet; to gather; group; to assemble; association; be able to; be likely to; to balance an account; accounting
bow to the ground; inspect; check
trad. (會稽)
simp. (会稽)
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會稽 (Written Standard Chinese?)
Kuaiji (English)


Proper nounEdit


  1. () (historical) Mount Kuaiji, the historical name of Mount Xianglu, a peak south of Hangzhou Bay legendarily connected to Yu the Great
  2. () the Kuaiji Mountains, a short range of mountains in Zhejiang south of Hangzhou Bay
  3. () (historical) Kuaiji Commandery, a former commandery of China around the mountain
  4. () (historical) Kuaiji County, a former county of China around Shaoxing
  5. (historical) Kuaiji, the name borne by Suzhou during the Qin and Han dynasties and by Shaoxing during subsequent dynasties, owing to their position as headquarters of the commandery

Derived termsEdit