Yellow River


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Calque of Chinese 黃河黄河 (Huáng Hé).

Proper nounEdit

Yellow River

  1. A river in northern China which flows for 5,463 km (3,000 miles) to the Yellow Sea.
    • 1894, William Woodville Rockhill, Diary of a Journey Through Mongolia and Tibet in 1891 and 1892[1], Smithsonian Institution, page 84:
      Just before crossing the Yellow River to reach Fei-tzŭ-ch'uan,* where we proposed spending the night, we passed through the ruins of what must have been a prefectural city (Hsien).
    • 2001, Kim Dramer, The Yellow River[2], Franklin Watts, →ISBN, page 7:
      China's Yellow River, or Huang he, is named for the yellow, sandy silt it carries in its water. This silt, called loess, is almost as fine as flour. Over thousands of years, the northwestern wind blowing from the Gobi Desert has deposited hundreds of fee of loess over northern China. As the Yellow River flows through China, it sweeps away the fine, yellow silt and carries it downriver.
    • 2020, Stephen Chen, “Prehistoric ancestors of modern-day Chinese favoured rice over millet, study says”, in South China Morning Post[3]:
      The Yellow River has long been regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilisation. The early occupants established a complex culture, which included making painted ceramics, and were the first people in the world to grow millet, the study said.