Yellow River

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The various courses of the Yellow River throughout Chinese history
The Yellow River near Sanmenxia in Henan Province

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Calque of Chinese 黃河 (Huáng Hé), chiefly from the river's golden appearance as far west as Lanzhou caused by the enormous levels of silt it acquires from the Loess Plateau but also influenced by the color schema in wuxing ("Five Element") theory, which associates earth with the color , usually translated as "yellow" but also inclusive of shades modern English would consider golden, orange, brown, tan, etc. The earliest Chinese sources simply describe it as (The River) but it was later distinguished as the Yellow River after began to replace as a generic term for creeks and smaller rivers.

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the Yellow River

  1. The chief river of the North China Plain, currently flowing 5,463 km from the Bayan Har Mountains of Qinghai to the Bohai Sea but historically prone to massive floods which caused its course to vary widely over time.



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  • Kunlun (Source of the Yellow River in trad. Chinese mythology)

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