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From the Middle English hēr-for; equivalent to here +‎ for; compare herefor, therefore, and wherefore, as well as the Danish herfor, the Dutch hiervoor, the German hierfür, and the Swedish härför.

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herefore (not comparable)

  1. (now formal) For this reason; on this account; therefore.
  2. Obsolete spelling of herefor

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Here-, there-, and where- words

References edit

  • † Herefor, -fore, adv.” listed on page 238 of volume V (H–K), § i (H) of A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles [1st ed., 1901]
    Herefor, -fore, adv. Obs. exc. Sc. [f. Here adv. 16 + For prep.: compare therefore; Du. hiervoor, Ger. hierfür, Da. herfor.] [¶] 1. For this: instead or in consideration of this, with a view to this. Still in occas. Sc. use, written herefor. [¶] a 1300 Cursor M. 17506 Þir guiftes her for [Cott. þar-for] giue we ȝu. c 1380 Wyclif Sel. Wks. III. 343 He was tauȝt to strive not herfore. 1549 Chaloner Erasmus on Folly Sija, Herefore haue I obteined the mercy of god. Mod. Sc. For the sum of twenty pounds, being the consideration herefor given. [¶] † 2. For this reason, on this account, therefore. [¶] c 1200 Vices & Virtues 5 Hierfore ic am neðer and unmihti. c 1330 R. Brunne Chron. (1810) 149 Herfor kyng Richard wrathes him. 1380 Lay Folks Catech. (Lamb. MS.) 66 Here-fore þe gospel of Mathew seys þat crist bad vs pray thus. 1480 Caxton Chron. Eng. li. 35 Saynt albone suffred his martirdome before that saynt edmond was martryd and herfor saynt albone is callyd the fyrst martir of Englond. 1581 Pettie Guazzo’s Civ. Conv. i. (1586) 2, I will not heerefore commende you so much. c 1620 A. Hume Brit. Tongue (1865) 13 Heerfoer, for distinctiones of both sound and symbol, I wald commend the symbol and name of i and u to the voual sound. 1697 Dallas Stiles i. 84 Herefore I beseech your Lordships, that ye would..ordain the said grant..Precepts.
  • †herefor, -fore, adv.” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1989)