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there (that) +‎ for


Stressed on the second syllable


therefor (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Therefore, for that or this reason or cause.
  2. (now chiefly in law) For or in return for that.
    • 1892, Benjamin Harrison, Fourth State of the Union Address
      During the last fiscal year the Secretary purchased ... 54,355,748 ounces of silver and issued in payment therefor $51,106,608 in notes.
    • 1922, Paradise of the Pacific (volume 35)
      Welcoming people from all over the world, Honolulu has the glad heart behind the "glad hand," so to speak, when the welcomees give cause therefor, whether they come to teach, or to learn; to rest, or to work; to earn, or to spend.
    • 1997 August, “Rules of procedure for approval of law schools by the American Bar Association.”, in ABA Journal, volume 83, number 8, page 117-128:
      If the action is adverse to the applicant law school, the action letter shall contain the Committee's specific reasons therefor.


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