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From the root ص د ر (ṣ-d-r).


  • (to go out, to hit in the chest): IPA(key): /sˁa.da.ra/
  • (to have a chest complaint): IPA(key): /sˁu.di.ra/
  • (to send): IPA(key): /sˁad.da.ra/
  • (chest): IPA(key): /sˁadr/
  • (chest):


صَدَرَ (ṣadara) I, non-past يَصْدُرُ or يَصْدِرُ‎ (yaṣduru or yaṣdiru)

  1. to go out, to step out, to leave
  2. to proceed, to emanate, to arise, to originate, to stem
  3. to come out, to be issued, to be promulgated
  4. to appear, to be published
  5. to happen, to occur, to come to pass



صَدَرَ (ṣadara) I, non-past يَصْدُرُ‎ (yaṣduru)

  1. to hit in the chest



صُدِرَ (ṣudira) I, non-past يُصْدَرُ‎ (yuṣdaru)

  1. to have a chest complaint



صَدَّرَ (ṣaddara) II, non-past يُصَدِّرُ‎ (yuṣaddiru)

  1. to send, to send off, to dispatch, to forward
  2. to export
  3. to publish
  4. to preface
  5. to introduce, to commence



صَدْر (ṣadrm (plural صُدُور (ṣudūr))

  1. verbal noun of صُدِرَ (ṣudira) (form I, uncertain)
  2. verbal noun of صَدَرَ (ṣadara) (form I)
  3. chest, breast, bust
  4. bosom, heart
  5. center
  6. intelligence
  7. front part, front
  8. part, portion
  9. leader, commander
  10. beginning, start, outset, commencement, inception
  11. early period, dawn, beginnings



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