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Orthographic/Phonemic สาย
s ā y
Romanization Paiboon sǎai
Royal Institute sai
(standard) IPA(key) /saːj˩˩˦/

Etymology 1Edit

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สาย (sǎai) (abstract noun ความสาย)

  1. late; delayed.


สาย (sǎai)

  1. late morning.

Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Tai *saːjᴬ (cord; string). Cognate with Lao ສາຍ (sāi), ᦉᦻ (ṡaay), Shan သၢႆ (sǎay).


สาย (sǎai)

  1. line; wire; rope; string; strap.
  2. connection; tie.
  3. telephone call; telephone extension; telephone line.
  4. (poetic) darling; dearest; beloved.
  5. method; route; way.
  6. ranking belt for judo, karate, or jiujitsu.
  7. wind gust.
  8. raindrops falling in streaks.
  9. lightning bolt.
  10. stream of water; current; rivulet.
  11. flower stalk.
Derived termsEdit


สาย (sǎai)

  1. Classifier for roads, strings, wires, rivers, and other stringy things.