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Etymology 1Edit

On'yomi terms.


けん (rōmaji ken)

  1. : concurrently


けん (rōmaji -ken)

  1. : cases, matters
  2. : houses, buildings
  3. : gaps between pillars


けん (rōmaji ken)

  1. : sword
  2. : prefecture (regional administration in Japan)
  3. : tendon (of relating to muscle)
  4. : (architecture) interval, space of pillar; (length unit) about 1.8 metre.

Proper nounEdit

けん (rōmaji Ken)

  1. : A male given name
  2. : A male given name
  3. : A male given name
  4. : A male given name


けん (rōmaji -ken)

  1. : right to do something
  2. : ticket, bond, certificate
  3. : range, sphere, circle
  4. : houses, buildings

Etymology 2Edit


けん (rōmaji -ken)

  1. (Classical Japanese, jodōshi) Alternative form of けむ (kemu)

Etymology 3Edit


けん (rōmaji ken)

  1. (Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu) because
    • [1]
      じゃが (いま) (ない) () () (けい) ()でがして、 (くず) () () ()じゃけん内地 (ないち) ()くなああきらめるがええ
      Jaga ima wa naichi mo fukeiki de gashite, kuzuya mo dame ja ken, naichi sa iku nā akirameru ga ē
      However the mainland economy is also in a recession now and waste collection business does not pay, so you should give up to go to the mainland.