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Etymology 1Edit

On'yomi terms.


けん (rōmaji ken)

  1. : concurrently


けん (rōmaji -ken)

  1. : cases, matters
  2. : houses, buildings
  3. : gaps between pillars


けん (rōmaji ken)

  1. : sword
  2. : prefecture (regional administration in Japan)
  3. : tendon (of relating to muscle)
  4. : (architecture) interval, space of pillar; (length unit) about 1.8 metre.

Proper nounEdit

けん (rōmaji Ken)

  1. : A male given name
  2. : A male given name
  3. : A male given name
  4. : A male given name


けん (rōmaji -ken)

  1. : right to do something
  2. : ticket, bond, certificate
  3. : range, sphere, circle
  4. : houses, buildings

Etymology 2Edit


けん (rōmaji -ken)

  1. (Classical Japanese, jodōshi) Alternative form of けむ (kemu)

Etymology 3Edit


けん (rōmaji ken)

  1. (Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu) because
    • [1]
      じゃが (いま)内地 (ないち)不景気 (ふけいき)でがして、屑屋 (くずや) () ()じゃけん内地 (ないち) ()くなああきらめるがええ
      Jaga ima wa naichi mo fukeiki de gashite, kuzuya mo dame ja ken, naichi sa iku nā akirameru ga ē
      However the mainland economy is also in a recession now and waste collection business does not pay, so you should give up to go to the mainland.