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While virtually any fictional object in the Harry Potter series may display magical characteristics due to having been exposed to one or more spells, some of such objects receive specific names, apparently due to their commonness or uniqueness.

Most objects are named after their uses or receive apparently catchy and simple related names. Alternatively, they receive nicknames after their owners or creators.

Unique objectsEdit

Deathly Hallows[talk][citations]
(proper noun, plural only) A group of three fictional objects known for having unique magical effects: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility.
(proper noun) Elder Wand.
(proper noun) A fictional device that looks like a cigarette lighter and is capable of magically absorbing or retrieving light from sources, effectively causing temporary darkness.
Elder Wand[talk][citations]
(proper noun) One of the Deathly Hallows, a fictional magical wand known by being more powerful than all other wands.
Goblet of Fire[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional wooden goblet, able to magically judge the more qualified people to participate the Triwizard Tournament by returning slips of paper that contain only the chosen names.
Godric Gryffindor's sword[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional sword once owned by Gryffindor.
Knight Bus[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional bus.
Mirror of Erised[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional magical mirror that reflects the seer's image surrounded by his or her desires as if they were fulfilled in that moment.
Mr. Weasley's car[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional, flying and apparently sentient Ford Anglia owned by Arthur Weasley.
Resurrection Stone[talk][citations]
(proper noun) One of the Deathly Hallows, a fictional magical stone that allows the holder to communicate with the dead.
Sorting Hat[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional talking hat that, in the Sorting ceremony, assigns new students to each of four Houses of the European school Hogwarts, by examining abilities and personality directly from their minds.
Wand of Destiny[talk][citations]
(proper noun) Elder Wand.
Weasley family's clock[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional clock that, instead of showing the time, displays the information about members of the Weasley family.


Hogwarts, A History[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional book about Hogwarts (the fictional British school).
Sonnets of a Sorcerer[talk][citations]
(proper noun) A fictional book that magically causes the reader to speak forever in limericks.

Other objectsEdit

Floo Powder[talk][citations]
(noun, uncountable) A fictional magical powder that, when used in a fireplace, permits communication or almost instant transportation to another fireplace if both are connected by the Floo Network.
(noun, plural: Foe-glasses) A fictional magical mirror that, instead of reflecting light, shows images of the owner's enemies, gradually more focused as they are physically closer.
(noun, plural: Horcruxes) Any object or being which has been affected by a fictional spell that causes part of the soul of the caster to be stored inside it, damaging the caster's soul but, in a sense, providing immortality to them. The only way the caster can be killed is if all the horcuxes are found and destroyed.
(noun, plural: Howlers) A fictional letter that conveys a message with a loud magical voice, often to express anger in public.
Mokeskin pouch[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Mokeskin pouches) A fictional magical drawstring pouch that nobody but the owner can open.
(noun, plural: Pensieves) A fictional magical stone receptacle that can store memories, for the purposes of organizing them or showing them to other people.
Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder[talk][citations]
(noun, uncountable) A fictional magical powder that causes instant darkness.
Probity Probe[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Probity Probes) A fictional magical device that detects spells of concealment and hidden magical objects.
(noun, plural: Remembralls) A fictional little orb containing smoke that magically turns red when it detects that the owner has forgotten something.
(noun, plural: Revealers) A fictional magical red eraser that makes invisible ink appear.
Secrecy Sensor[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Secrecy Sensors) A fictional magical object that vibrates when it detects concealment or lies.
Shield Cloak[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Shield Cloaks) A fictional cloak that magically deflects minor hexes and curses.
Shield Glove[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Shield Gloves) A fictional glove that magically deflects minor hexes and curses.
Shield Hat[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Shield Hats) A fictional hat that magically deflects minor hexes and curses.
(noun, plural: Sneakoscopes) A fictional magical object that emits a shrill noise in the presence of deception, such as when an untrustworthy person is nearby or a deceitful event takes place.
(noun, uncountable) A fictional magical adhesive tape.
(noun, plural: Time-Turners) A fictional hourglass pendant on a necklace that magically provides time travel to the past.