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Word of the day
for May 14
impose v
  1. (transitive)
    1. (archaic) To physically lay or place (something) on another thing; to deposit, to put, to set.
      1. (Christianity) To lay or place (one's hands) on someone as a blessing, during rites of confirmation, ordination, etc.
      2. (printing) To lay (columns or pages of type, or printing plates) arranged in a proper order on the bed of a press or an imposing stone and secure them in a chase in preparation for printing.
    2. (figurative)
      1. To apply, enforce, or establish (something, often regarded as burdensome as a restriction or tax: see sense 1.2.2) with authority.
      2. To place or put (something chiefly immaterial, especially something regarded as burdensome as a duty, an encumbrance, a penalty, etc.) on another thing or on someone; to inflict, to repose; also, to place or put (on someone a chiefly immaterial thing, especially something regarded as burdensome).
      3. To force or put (a thing) on someone or something by deceit or stealth; to foist, to obtrude.
      4. (UK, school or university slang) To subject (a student) to imposition (a task inflicted as punishment).
      5. (archaic or obsolete) To appoint (someone) to be in authority or command over other people.
      6. (obsolete) To accuse someone of (a crime, or a sin or other wrongdoing); to charge, to impute.
      7. (obsolete) To put (a conclusion or end) to something definitively.
  2. (intransitive) Chiefly followed by on or upon.
    1. To affect authoritatively or forcefully; to influence strongly.
    2. To encroach or intrude, especially in a manner regarded as unfair or unwarranted; to presume, to take advantage of; also, to be a burden or inconvenience.
    3. To practise deceit or stealth; to cheat, to deceive, to trick.
    4. (obsolete) To subject to an impost, levy, tax, etc.

impose n

  1. (obsolete) An act of placing or putting on something chiefly immaterial, especially something regarded as burdensome as a duty, a task, etc.; an imposition.
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