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From Proto-Finno-Ugric *jorɜ (roll).


  • IPA(key): [ˈjaːr]
  • (file)



  1. (intransitive) to walk
    Synonyms: sétál, gyalogol, megy
    Kelj föl és járj!Stand up and walk.
    Már tud járni a gyerek.The child can already walk.
  2. to go regularly, to attend
    Iskolába járok - I go to school.
    Villamossal járok munkába. - I go to work by tram.
    Péter sokat jár a kocsmába. - Peter often goes to the pub.
  3. to go somewhere, to visit (and then come back)
    Synonyms: felkeres, meglátogat
    Jártál már Kínában? - Have you ever been to China?
  4. to be somewhere, to be that far (e.g. in a progress or journey; usually implies approximation)
    Synonym: tart
    Már a táv felénél járok. - I am at half of the distance.
  5. to happen to go, to happen to be (implying coincidence, usually used with the modifiers erre, arra)
    Csak erre jártam. - I just happened to be around there.
    Majd szólok, ha arra járok. - I'll tell you if I happen to go there.
  6. to be going on
    Mi jár a fejedben? - What's going on inside your head/What are you thinking?
  7. to move (intransitive), to move around, to move about repetitively
    Synonyms: megy, mozog, közlekedik
    Nem jár az órám. - My watch doesn't work/move.
    Mától újra jár a villamos. - The tram is functioning again from today.
  8. to go out with somebody, to date (-val/-vel) (in a romantic relationship)
  9. to come off somehow; used to describe how an event affects the subject; requires an adverb.
    Jól jártam az üzlettel. - (approx.) I came off well of the business / The business did good to me. / It was wise to do the business. / etc.
    Így jár, aki engem fenyeget. - That's what happens to people who threaten me.
  10. to bring about, to entail, to involve (-val/-vel)
    Ez súlyos következményekkel jár. - This involves serious consequences.
  11. is meant to (be/belong), is due to (be/belong), is supposed to (be/belong), to appertain; no English equivalent, see examples
    Az a pénz Janinak jár. - That money is meant to be Jani's. / The right way of things is that Jani gets that money.
    Ezért büntetés jár. - That is to be punished / Punishment is meant to follow that. / One gets punishment for that.
  12. (transitive) to dance (to perform a specific dance)
    csárdást járto dance the csardas


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