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Noun edit

tayo (plural tayos)

  1. A garment like an apron, worn by indigenous South Americans.

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Classical Nahuatl edit

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tāyo (inanimate)

  1. (figurative) first-person plural inalienable possessive singular of ātl; (it is) our liquid; our blood; sperm.

Pali edit

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Etymology edit

Inherited from Sanskrit त्रयः (tráyaḥ).

Numeral edit


  1. nominative/accusative masculine of ti (three)

Tagalog edit

Etymology 1 edit

Possibly from kata + *-yo (from kayo/ninyo), with omission of the initial ka. Compare Tausug taniyu (ta + niyu), Pangasinan tayo (ta + yo), and Kapampangan tamu (ta + mu).[1] May also be borrowed from Ilocano -tayo with stress shift.

Pronunciation edit

  • Hyphenation: ta‧yo
  • IPA(key): /ˈtajo/, [ˈta.jo]
  • (file)

Pronoun edit

tayo (Baybayin spelling ᜆᜌᜓ)

  1. we; us (inclusive of the person spoken to)
    Kain tayo!Let us eat!
Derived terms edit
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Etymology 2 edit

Pronunciation edit

  • Hyphenation: ta‧yo
  • IPA(key): /taˈjoʔ/, [tɐˈjoʔ]

Noun edit

tayô (Baybayin spelling ᜆᜌᜓ)

  1. act of standing (on one's feet)
    Synonyms: pagtayo, tindig, pagtindig
  2. standing position (of a person)
    Synonym: pagkakatayo
  3. act of erecting something (a building, statue, etc.)
    Synonyms: pagtatayo, tirik, pagtitirik
  4. act of organizing or founding
    Synonyms: tatag, pagtatatag
  5. status; condition (of one's project, health, etc.)
    Synonyms: lagay, kalagayan
  6. position; duty (in an office)
    Synonyms: tungkulin, trabaho
  7. rank; state
    Synonyms: estado, kalagayan
  8. site; location; position
    Synonyms: puwesto, lagay, posisyon, lugar, kinatatayuan
  9. standpoint; stand (on an issue)
    Synonyms: kinatatayuan, kinaroroonan
Derived terms edit

Verb edit

tayô (Baybayin spelling ᜆᜌᜓ)

  1. immediate imperative mood of tumayo

References edit

  1. ^ Liao, Hsiu-chuan. (2006) A Typology of First Person Dual Pronouns in Philippine Languages and Their Reconstructibility, The Tenth International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics. [1]