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Pronunciation edit

t ˋ ɒ
Royal Instituteto
(standard) IPA(key)/tɔː˨˩/(R)

Etymology 1 edit

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From Proto-Tai *toːᴮ (bee). Cognate with Lao ຕໍ່ (), ᦎᦸᧈ (ṫoa¹), Shan တေႃႇ (tàu), Zhuang doq. Compare Proto-Be *ɗawᴮꟲ².

Noun edit

ต่อ (dtɔ̀ɔ) (classifier ตัว)

  1. (ตัว~) wasp.

Etymology 2 edit

Cognate with Northern Thai ᨲᩬᩴ᩵, Lao ຕໍ່ (), Khün ᨲᩳ᩵, ᦎᦸᧈ (ṫoa¹), Shan တေႃႇ (tàu), Ahom 𑜄𑜦𑜡 (). Compare Thai ท่อ (tɔ̂ɔ), ทอ (tɔɔ), Old Khmer dara (to strike; to smite), Modern Khmer ទរ (tɔɔ), Middle Chinese (MC tuwH).

Verb edit

ต่อ (dtɔ̀ɔ) (abstract noun การต่อ)

  1. (now chiefly in combination) to fight; to strike; to attack; to combat; to war; to battle.

Etymology 3 edit

Verb edit

ต่อ (dtɔ̀ɔ) (abstract noun การต่อ)

  1. to negotiate; to bargain.
  2. (colloquial, of a price) to ask for reduction.

Etymology 4 edit

Preposition edit

ต่อ (dtɔ̀ɔ)

  1. per: for each; for every.
  2. to: used for expressing comparison or opposition.
  3. to: used for expressing motion or direction towards someone or something.
  4. until; once.
  5. before; against.

Etymology 5 edit

Verb edit

ต่อ (dtɔ̀ɔ) (abstract noun การต่อ)

  1. to extend; to prolong.
  2. to connect; to join.
  3. to build, construct, or create, especially by assembling certain materials.
  4. to entice or lure (as into a trap, danger, etc); to decoy; to bait.
  5. (of a vehicle, the flame on a candle, etc) to transfer (from one to another).
  6. (of knowledge) to transfer or pass on (as from a teacher to a student).

Adjective edit

ต่อ (dtɔ̀ɔ)

  1. next; further
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Classifier edit

ต่อ (dtɔ̀ɔ)

  1. time: used for expressing multiplication.