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The Appendices are a series of pages in the form [[Appendix:Xxxx]]. They have their own namespace. They usually treat a common linguistic topic, which distinguishes them from "Wiktionary:" pages which deal with Wiktionary's own operational issues. Appendices should be tagged with [[Category:Appendices|Pagename]] (or the appropriate sub-category). This will cause them to be automatically included in this list.

Appendix pages often provide:

In addition, the Appendix is the only place for:

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See also Category:Etymological appendices

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See also: Appendix:Greek

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See also: Appendix:Names

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These appendices contain variations in capitalization, punctuation, use of diacritics and ligatures, and alternate scripts of letters and some punctuation marks.

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These appendices contain lists of words that have identical spelling, but a substantial number of variations in capitalization, punctuation, use of diacritics and ligatures, and alternate scripts.

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