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  • IPA(key): /ʒ‿/
  • IPA(key): (before unvoiced consonant) /ʃ‿/
  • (file)

Pronoun edit

j’ m or f

  1. clitic form of je
    J’ai sommeil.I’m sleepy.
    J’habite à Paris.I live in Paris.
    J’veux pas savoir.I don't wanna know. (informal, short for "Je ne veux pas savoir.")
    J’comprends.I understand. (informal, see usage notes for pronunciation

Usage notes edit

  • Je in formal French only becomes j’ before a vowel or an unaspirated h, where this is mandatory in spelling.
  • In informal French, j’ may optionally be used before consonants, and devoices before unvoiced consonants, thus producing a ʃ sound, as in sheep.
    • Before voiced consonants:
      J’vais bien.Doing fine.
      J’descend tout de suite!Coming down!
    • whereas before unvoiced consonants:
      Chais pas. (j’sais pas)Dunno.
      Ch’peux pas. (j’peux pas)I can't.
  • Note that the ch’ spelling is purely oral, it is not used in any type of written content except if one wishes to emphasize the language register spoken or the form is in itself a fixed expression.

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Neapolitan edit

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  1. clitic form of jo, je, ie, io
    J’ t’amo
    I love you
    J’ te voglio bene assaje
    I want/love you very much
    J’aggio parlat' a tte
    I spoke to you