French edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Old French lor, from Latin illōrum, genitive masculine plural of ille.

Pronunciation edit

Pronoun edit

leur m pl or f pl

  1. (personal, indirect) (to) them
    Je leur ai donné un coup de main.
    I gave them a hand.

Related terms edit

Determiner edit

leur (plural leurs)

  1. their
    Je peux voir leur maison d’ici.
    I can see their house from here.

Derived terms edit

Related terms edit

Singular Plural
Masculine Feminine
Possessor Singular First person mon1 ma mes
Second person ton1 ta tes
Third person son1 sa ses
Plural First person notre nos
Second person votre2 vos2
Third person leur leurs
1 Also used before feminine adjectives and nouns beginning with a vowel or mute h.
2 Also used as the polite singular form.

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Middle French edit

Etymology edit

From Old French lor.

Pronoun edit


  1. (object pronoun) them

Descendants edit

  • French: leur