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  1. belly

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  1. (intransitive) to stand up, to get up, to rise


Tone class H
Infinitive ukusukuma
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular sukuma sukume
Plural sukumani sukumeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyasukuma, ngisukuma ngisukuma ngisukume
2nd singular uyasukuma, usukuma usukuma usukume
1st plural siyasukuma, sisukuma sisukuma sisukume
2nd plural niyasukuma, nisukuma nisukuma nisukume
Class 1 uyasukuma, usukuma esukuma asukume
Class 2 bayasukuma, basukuma besukuma basukume
Class 3 uyasukuma, usukuma usukuma usukume
Class 4 iyasukuma, isukuma isukuma isukume
Class 5 liyasukuma, lisukuma lisukuma lisukume
Class 6 ayasukuma, asukuma esukuma asukume
Class 7 siyasukuma, sisukuma sisukuma sisukume
Class 8 ziyasukuma, zisukuma zisukuma zisukume
Class 9 iyasukuma, isukuma isukuma isukume
Class 10 ziyasukuma, zisukuma zisukuma zisukume
Class 11 luyasukuma, lusukuma lusukuma lusukume
Class 14 buyasukuma, busukuma busukuma busukume
Class 15 kuyasukuma, kusukuma kusukuma kusukume
Class 17 kuyasukuma, kusukuma kusukuma kusukume
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngisukumile, ngisukumē bengisukuma
2nd singular usukumile, usukumē ubesukuma
1st plural sisukumile, sisukumē sibesukuma
2nd plural nisukumile, nisukumē nibesukuma
Class 1 usukumile, usukumē ubesukuma
Class 2 basukumile, basukumē bebesukuma
Class 3 usukumile, usukumē bewusukuma
Class 4 isukumile, isukumē beyisukuma
Class 5 lisukumile, lisukumē belisukuma
Class 6 asukumile, asukumē abesukuma
Class 7 sisukumile, sisukumē besisukuma
Class 8 zisukumile, zisukumē bezisukuma
Class 9 isukumile, isukumē beyisukuma
Class 10 zisukumile, zisukumē bezisukuma
Class 11 lusukumile, lusukumē belusukuma
Class 14 busukumile, busukumē bebusukuma
Class 15 kusukumile, kusukumē bekusukuma
Class 17 kusukumile, kusukumē bekusukuma
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāsukuma ngangisukuma
2nd singular wāsukuma wawusukuma
1st plural sāsukuma sasisukuma
2nd plural nāsukuma nanisukuma
Class 1 wāsukuma wayesukuma
Class 2 bāsukuma babesukuma
Class 3 wāsukuma wawusukuma
Class 4 yāsukuma yayisukuma
Class 5 lāsukuma lalisukuma
Class 6 āsukuma ayesukuma
Class 7 sāsukuma sasisukuma
Class 8 zāsukuma zazisukuma
Class 9 yāsukuma yayisukuma
Class 10 zāsukuma zazisukuma
Class 11 lwāsukuma lwalusukuma
Class 14 bāsukuma babusukuma
Class 15 kwāsukuma kwakusukuma
Class 17 kwāsukuma kwakusukuma
1st singular ngizosukuma
2nd singular uzosukuma
1st plural sizosukuma
2nd plural nizosukuma
Class 1 uzosukuma
Class 2 bazosukuma
Class 3 uzosukuma
Class 4 izosukuma
Class 5 lizosukuma
Class 6 azosukuma
Class 7 sizosukuma
Class 8 zizosukuma
Class 9 izosukuma
Class 10 zizosukuma
Class 11 luzosukuma
Class 14 buzosukuma
Class 15 kuzosukuma
Class 17 kuzosukuma