U+1E61, ṡ
Composition:s [U+0073] + ◌̇ [U+0307]

Latin Extended Additional

English edit

Symbol edit

  1. (lexicography, dated) An orthographic ⟨s⟩ with a diacritic that marks it as being the consonant /z/, as in the word "his".

Irish edit

Alternative forms edit

Letter edit

(upper case )

  1. The letter s with a ponc séimhithe (dot above), used primarily in Gaelic type; equivalent to the digraph sh in roman type.

Usage notes edit

Unlike Fraktur or Antiqua/roman type 16th- and 17th-century usage, Gaelic type does not contrast long s (ſ) and round s (s). Whether the lower-case s looks more like ſ or s depends on the specific typeface, not on the position in the word.

See also edit

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