o senhor




  • From Portuguese definite article o and noun senhor (literally, "the mister").


o senhor m (feminine a senhora, masculine plural os senhores, feminine plural as senhoras)

  1. you (formal)

Usage notesEdit

  • Used to show respect when talking to someone older or to a hierarchical superior (such as a boss or a teacher). It represents a higher degree of formality when compared to você (semi-formal or informal, depending on dialect) and tu (informal and familiar).
  • Although being a second-person pronoun, it should always take third-person verb forms.

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Portuguese personal pronouns (edit)
Number Person Nominative
(direct object)
(indirect object)
Prepositional Prepositional
with com
m f m f m and f m f m f m f
Singular First eu me mim comigo
Second tu te ti contigo você
o senhor a senhora
Third ele ela o
(lo, no)
(la, na)
lhe ele ela com ele com ela o mesmo a mesma
se (reflexive) si (reflexive) consigo (reflexive)
Plural First nós nos nós connosco (Portugal)
conosco (Brazil)
a gente
Second vós vos vós convosco vocês
os senhores as senhoras
Third eles elas os
(los, nos)
(las, nas)
lhes eles elas com eles com elas os mesmos as mesmas
se (reflexive) si (reflexive) consigo (reflexive)
Indefinite se (reflexive) si (reflexive) consigo (reflexive)
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