Friulian edit

Etymology edit

From Latin vōs.

Pronoun edit

  1. The second person plural familiar pronoun, you

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Louisiana Creole edit

Etymology edit

From French vos (your).

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Determiner edit

  1. (formal, polite) your.
  2. y'all's.

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Portuguese edit

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Noun edit

 m (plural vôs)

  1. (informal) Clipping of avô.; grandpa, granddad

Verb edit

  1. Eye dialect spelling of vou.

Vietnamese edit

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Etymology 1 edit

Undiphthongized equivalent of Northern vào.

The usage of vào (especially in writing) by speakers of Central-Southern dialects can be contributed to borrowing from Northern dialects. On the other hand, the undiphthongized Southern form with palatal initial latter spread to the Northern and Central dialects as an interjection.

Alternative forms edit

  • (Northern Vietnam) vào (with diphthongization)
  • (Southern Vietnam, pronunciation spelling)
  • (Southern Vietnam, pronunciation spelling) dzô

Verb edit

(, 𠓺)

  1. (chiefly Central Vietnam and Southern Vietnam) to enter; to go into
    Synonym: vào
    nhà lấy con dao cho ba mày làm cá coi cu Thắng.
    Thắng boy, go inside and fetch the knife so that your dad can start preparing some fish.
  2. (chiefly Central Vietnam and Southern Vietnam) to toast
  3. (chiefly Central Vietnam and Southern Vietnam) to go southwards in Vietnam
    Antonym: ra
    • Lý hạng ca dao 里巷歌謠
      Đường xứ Nghệ quanh quanh,
      Núi xanh nác/nước biếc như tranh hoạ/vẽ đồ.
      The road to Nghệ An is winding,
      With lush mountains and blue rivers, [the scenery is] like those captured in a landscape painting.

Particle edit

(, 𠓺)

  1. (chiefly Central Vietnam and Southern Vietnam) emphasizing sentence-ending particle
    Synonym: vào
    Uống cho lắm ! Giờ đau đầu!
    You drank yourself to death and now you're wondering why you're having a headache!
    Mại !
    Check it out, guys!

Preposition edit

(, 𠓺)

  1. in, into, upon
    Nhìn nhà coi, có ai hông?
    Did you see anyone when you looked into the house?

Interjection edit

(, 𠓺)

  1. toast
    Một, hai, ba, dzô!
    One, two, three, toast!
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Etymology 2 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from .

Prefix edit


  1. (prefixing nouns to form adjectives) without, -less, un-, in-
    Synonyms: bất, không
    văn hoáill-mannered (literally, “cultureless”)
    tác dụngineffective
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Romanization edit

  1. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  2. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  3. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  4. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  5. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  6. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  7. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  8. Sino-Vietnamese reading of

Etymology 4 edit

Nôm reading of , ,

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