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home; family; ‑ist
home; family; ‑ist; ‑er; ‑ian; measure word for stores and schools
assistant; furniture; partner
trad. (家伙/傢伙/傢夥) / /
simp. (家伙)




  1. (colloquial) tool; utensil; weapon
    吃飯家伙寶貝 [MSC, trad.]
    吃饭家伙宝贝 [MSC, simp.]
    Zhè shì wǒ chīfàn de jiāhuo, wǒ kě bǎobeizhe ne. [Pinyin]
    This is the tool for me to make a living; I treat it with care.
    兄弟家伙教訓教訓這個 [MSC, trad.]
    兄弟家伙教训教训这个 [MSC, simp.]
    Xiōngdimen, chāo jiāhuo, zán jiàoxun jiàoxun zhèi ge rén! [Pinyin]
    Brothers, grab [your] weapons! Let's teach this person a lesson!
  2. (colloquial) fellow; guy; chap
    家伙 / 家伙  ―  jiāhuo shì shuí?  ―  Who is that guy?
  3. (colloquial) domesticated animal; livestock
  4. (colloquial) time (instance or occurrence)
  5. (dialectal) thing


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