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Word of the day
for November 23
chorus n
  1. (Ancient Greece, historical)
    1. A group of singers and dancers in a theatrical performance or religious festival who commented on the main performance in speech or song.
    2. A song performed by the singers of such a group.
  2. (by extension, chiefly Britain, theater, historical) An actor who reads the prologue and epilogue of a play, and sometimes also acts as a commentator or narrator; also, a portion of a play read by this actor.
  3. A group of singers performing together; a choir; specifically, such a group singing together in a musical, an opera, etc., as distinct from the soloists; an ensemble.
  4. (by extension) A group of people in a performance who recite together.
  5. An instance of singing by a group of people.
  6. (figuratively)
    1. A group of people or animals who make sounds together.
    2. The noise or sound made by such a group.
  7. (music)
    1. A piece of music, especially one in a larger work such as an opera, written to be sung by a choir in parts (for example, by sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses).
    2. A part of a song which is repeated between verses; a refrain.
    3. The main part of a pop song played after the introduction.
    4. A group of organ pipes or organ stops intended to be played simultaneously; a compound stop; also, the sound made by such pipes or stops.
    5. (often attributively) A feature or setting in electronic music that makes one instrument sound like many.
    6. (Christianity) A simple, often repetitive, song intended to be sung in a group during informal worship.
    7. (jazz) The improvised solo section in a small group performance.

chorus v

  1. (transitive)
    1. To sing (a song), express (a sentiment), or recite or say (words) in chorus.
    2. To express concurrence with (something said by another person); to echo.
    3. (rare) To provide (a song) with a chorus or refrain.
  2. (intransitive)
    1. To sing the chorus or refrain of a song.
    2. To sing, express, or say in, or as if in, unison.
    3. To echo in unison another person's words.
    4. Of animals: to make cries or sounds together.

PointingHand.svg For some Christian churches, yesterday was the feast day of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians.

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