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Category:Japanese dated terms

Recent additions to the category
  1. Kweilin
  2. フェミニスト
  3. 表日本
  4. そぎ
  5. めくらうなぎ
  6. めんご
  7. ユアン
  8. チョベリバ
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  1. 生まる
  2. 駆ける
  3. 伊太利
  4. めくらうなぎ
  5. 𪜈
  6. 蓄電器
  7. 演算増幅器
  8. めんご
  9. ユアン
  10. 河童

Fundamental » All languages » Japanese language » Terms by usage » Dated terms

Japanese terms that are no longer fashionable, thus are anachronistic.

  • Category:Japanese dated forms: Japanese forms that are no longer fashionable, thus are anachronistic, and serve as alternative forms of the same terms in recent general use.


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