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  1. word




  1. 1st-person singular pronoun: I
  2. 1st-person plural pronoun: we
  3. 1st-person singular possessive pronoun: my
  4. 1st-person plural possessive pronoun: our

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  1. Rōmaji transcription of にゃ
  2. Rōmaji transcription of ニャ




  1. absolute singular definite and plural form of ny.



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  1. (intransitive) to defecate


Tone class L
Infinitive ukunya
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular yinya yinye
Plural yinyani yinyeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyanya, nginya nginya nginye
2nd singular uyanya, unya unya unye
1st plural siyanya, sinya sinya sinye
2nd plural niyanya, ninya ninya ninye
Class 1 uyanya, unya enya anye
Class 2 bayanya, banya benya banye
Class 3 uyanya, unya unya unye
Class 4 iyanya, inya inya inye
Class 5 liyanya, linya linya linye
Class 6 ayanya, anya enya anye
Class 7 siyanya, sinya sinya sinye
Class 8 ziyanya, zinya zinya zinye
Class 9 iyanya, inya inya inye
Class 10 ziyanya, zinya zinya zinye
Class 11 luyanya, lunya lunya lunye
Class 14 buyanya, bunya bunya bunye
Class 15 kuyanya, kunya kunya kunye
Class 17 kuyanya, kunya kunya kunye
Recent past Recent past
1st singular nginyile, nginyē benginya
2nd singular unyile, unyē ubenya
1st plural sinyile, sinyē sibenya
2nd plural ninyile, ninyē nibenya
Class 1 unyile, unyē ubenya
Class 2 banyile, banyē bebenya
Class 3 unyile, unyē bewunya
Class 4 inyile, inyē beyinya
Class 5 linyile, linyē belinya
Class 6 anyile, anyē abenya
Class 7 sinyile, sinyē besinya
Class 8 zinyile, zinyē bezinya
Class 9 inyile, inyē beyinya
Class 10 zinyile, zinyē bezinya
Class 11 lunyile, lunyē belunya
Class 14 bunyile, bunyē bebunya
Class 15 kunyile, kunyē bekunya
Class 17 kunyile, kunyē bekunya
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngānya nganginya
2nd singular wānya wawunya
1st plural sānya sasinya
2nd plural nānya naninya
Class 1 wānya wayenya
Class 2 bānya babenya
Class 3 wānya wawunya
Class 4 yānya yayinya
Class 5 lānya lalinya
Class 6 ānya ayenya
Class 7 sānya sasinya
Class 8 zānya zazinya
Class 9 yānya yayinya
Class 10 zānya zazinya
Class 11 lwānya lwalunya
Class 14 bānya babunya
Class 15 kwānya kwakunya
Class 17 kwānya kwakunya
1st singular ngizokunya
2nd singular uzokunya
1st plural sizokunya
2nd plural nizokunya
Class 1 uzokunya
Class 2 bazokunya
Class 3 uzokunya
Class 4 izokunya
Class 5 lizokunya
Class 6 azokunya
Class 7 sizokunya
Class 8 zizokunya
Class 9 izokunya
Class 10 zizokunya
Class 11 luzokunya
Class 14 buzokunya
Class 15 kuzokunya
Class 17 kuzokunya