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Orthographic/Phonemic วัด
w ạ ɗ
Paiboon wát
(Bangkok) IPA(key) /wat̚˦˥/

Etymology 1Edit

From Old Khmer vatta, vata, vâta, vatya, vatra, vattha, °vāta (religious compound; monastery). Compare Modern Khmer វត្ត (vôttâ); Lao ວັດ (wat).


วัด (wát) (classifier วัด or ที่ or แห่ง)

  1. religious compound; monastery; place of worship.
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

From Old Khmer *vas, vas, vās, *vās (to measure the circumference of land). Compare Modern Khmer វាស់ (véas).


วัด (wát) (abstract noun การวัด)

  1. to compare; to measure.
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 3Edit

Probably from Old Khmer vatta, Pre-Angkorian Old Khmer vatt, hvat, or Angkorian Old Khmer vatt, vatta, vāt, vātt, vvat, hvat, hvatt, vādya (to move in a circle, to go round, to turn, to rotate, to revolve, to gyrate; to move or occur in turn; to go around, to make a tour; to encircle, to surround; etc); or from Old Khmer *vas, vas, vās, *vās (to curve around; to sweep; to traverse). Compare Modern Khmer វាត់ (véat), វាស (véas), extended as គ្រវាស (krôvéas), from which Thai กระหวัด was derived.

Alternative formsEdit


วัด (wát) (abstract noun การวัด)

  1. to swing (a thread, string, arm, etc).