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Orthographic/Phonemic วัด
w ạ ɗ
Paiboon wát
(standard) IPA(key) /wat̚˦˥/

Etymology 1Edit

From Old Khmer vatta, vata, vâta, vatya, vatra, vattha, °vāta (religious compound; monastery). Compare Modern Khmer វត្ត (voat); Lao ວັດ (wat).


วัด (wát) (classifier วัด or ที่ or แห่ง)

  1. religious compound; monastery; place of worship; temple.
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

From Old Khmer *vas, vas, vās, *vās (to measure the circumference of land). Compare Modern Khmer វាស់ (véas).


วัด (wát) (abstract noun การวัด)

  1. to compare; to measure.
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 3Edit

Probably from Old Khmer vatta, Pre-Angkorian Old Khmer vatt, hvat, or Angkorian Old Khmer vatt, vatta, vāt, vātt, vvat, hvat, hvatt, vādya (to move in a circle, to go round, to turn, to rotate, to revolve, to gyrate; to move or occur in turn; to go around, to make a tour; to encircle, to surround; etc); or from Old Khmer *vas, vas, vās, *vās (to curve around; to sweep; to traverse). Compare Modern Khmer វាត់ (véat), វាស (véas), extended as គ្រវាស (krôvéas), from which Thai กระหวัด (grà-wàt) was derived.

Alternative formsEdit


วัด (wát) (abstract noun การวัด)

  1. to swing (a thread, string, arm, etc).