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Alluding to superheros donning capes to come to people's defense.


cape for

  1. (slang) To be a follower or defender of (someone, especially someone undeserving).
    • 2016 March 3, "Freezer" (username), Re: Chicago Police Dept Didn't Tell Trump To Cancel Event (A Jason Todd Rantatorial), in, Usenet:
      Fuck him and fuck you for caping for him.
    • 2016 June 2, "Freezer" (username), N. Korea Approves of The Donald for President,, Usenet:
      > The fact that he was a prominent Christian is NOT the only reasons[sic] he was ever heard of.
      I said it's the only reason YOU heard of him. It's certainly the reason you keep caping for him.
    • 2017 June 23, Craig D. Lindsey, Black Twitter went wild for 'Panther' movie. The comic books didn’t fare as well., in The News & Observer:
      As someone who doesn't mind change in comics, it would be nice if the same people who caped for the "Black Panther" trailer would react the same way when "Black Panther" titles—or other comic books featuring more soulful superheroes—come out in the future.
    • 2017 November 15, [organizer] Mindy Isser, quoted by [journalist] Aubrey Whelan in For Philly's socialists, election wins signal momentum, in The Philadelphia Inquirer:
      "I can't believe I'm out here caping for a politician."