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hot spot ‎(plural hot spots)

  1. A place notable for a high level of activity or danger; specifically:
    • 2013 November 27, Emily Jane O'Dell, “Deep cover [print version: International Herald Tribune Magazine, 2013, p. 47]”[1], The New York Times:
      I might never have learned my name or met my birth family if I hadn't ended up in the hospital in Rhode Island in 2007, after traveling to a trifecta of malaria hotspots: Mali, Egypt and Colombia.
    1. A dangerous place of violent political unrest
    2. An area of radioactive contamination
    3. A lively and entertaining place, such as a nightclub
  2. (computing) A part of an application that consumes a significant amount of execution time
  3. (computing, graphical user interface) Part of a control that responds dynamically as the user moves the pointer over it, as for example in an image map.
  4. (computing, networking) A location in which WiFi Internet access is available
  5. (genetics) The region of a gene in which there is higher than normal rate of mutation
  6. (planetology, geology) The surface manifestation of a plume that rises from deep in the celestial body's mantle



  • (location with WiFi Internet access): notspot



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