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v' pl

  1. Apocopic form of vi
    V'amo.I love you guys.

Usage notesEdit

Mainly elides before essere, è, era etc.

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Italian personal pronouns [edit source]  
Number Person Gender Nominative Reflexive Accusative Dative Locative Genitive Disjunctive
Singular first io mi, m' me
second tu ti, t' te
third m lui si2, s' lo, l' gli ci, c', vi (formal) ne, n' lui
f 1 lei, Lei la, l', La le3, Le lei, Lei
Plural first noi ci, c' noi
second voi vi, v' voi
third m loro, Loro si, s' li gli, loro (formal) ci, c', vi (formal) ne, n' loro, Loro
f 1 le
1 The feminine gender forms are also used as formal term of address, often capitalised as Lei, Loro etc. to distinguish them.
2 Also used as indefinite pronoun meaning “one”, and to form the passive.
3 In informal speech sometimes replaced with gli (nonstandard).




  1. Apocopic form of va