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hu Ennek a szerkesztőnek magyar az anyanyelve.
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ru-1 Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
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Welcome to my userpage!

My nick is pronounced ˈfɛrikɛ, but you can simply call me Feri ˈfɛri. I live next to the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Thus I'm a native Hungarian. I also speak English and German. My English knowledge is somewhat advanced. My German is between intermediate and advanced, so I plan to take the Oberstufe this fall. Furthermore I started learning French in 2008 and I speak some Russian, too. But I don't really know these two languages, yet. I like English and German the most, but I'm also interested in any other languages. You can also find me under the same username on the Hungarian, German Wiktionaries and the Hungarian and English Wikipedias, but I spend here the most of my time. If you have any questions, feel free to write me. If you discover any mistake I made, please correct it, if you're unsure, let's work it out together. All the best, User:Ferike333

My worksEdit


  • ancient woodland: forest with trees older than 400 years.
  • on many occasions: several times, a number of times
  • on the premises: helyben; to consume on the premises
  • to take a hiatus from sth: szünetet tart vmiben.
  • you can sleep on it - még alhatsz rá
  • have sth handy/at hand/to hand - kéznél van vmi
  • how's it hanging? - hogy ityeg?
  • fringe (UK)/bang (US) - fru fru
  • the clock is ticking - az óra ketyeg (átv. is)
  • ... might be of help
  • we are short on time
  • (FR) par le biais - by the way
  • (FR) défi - challenge
  • to have sg in mind
  • reassuring - megnyugtató
  • Feuer einstellen! - hold your fire!
  • wie ich es mir dachte - just as I thought
  • Auge um Auge, Zahn um Zahn
  • on principle - elvből
  • à l'exception de - vmi kivételével (except for)
  • be in pain
  • English does it too to a degree, but is nowhere nearly as flexible in this regard as German.
  • danke an alle
  • skedaddle - elmenekül
  • be deep in (one's) thoughts - mélyen gondolkozni

My dictionaryEdit

British - American differencesEdit


UK -ce, US -se

  • pretence - pretense
  • vice - vise - satu

UK -se, US -ce

  • pactise (verb) - prectice (verb)

UK -re, US -er

  • accouter - felszerel (katonát), accoutrements/accouterments - katonai felszerelés
  • caliber
  • center
  • euchre (eucher is rare)
  • fiber
  • goiter
  • liter
  • louver
  • luster
  • maneuver (manoeuvre in British, other spellings may appear)
  • meager (meagre also has an invariable meaning?)
  • meter
  • miter
  • niter
  • ocher
  • reconnoiter
  • saber
  • saltpeter - salétromsav
  • sepulcher
  • specter - kísértet, szellem
  • theater
  • titer

UK - ise, -yse, US - ize, -yze

UK -ogue, US: -og

UK -our(-), US: -or(-)

  • arbor
  • ardor
  • behavior
  • candor
  • color
  • demanor - viselkedés
  • endavor (US also uses endavour)
  • favor
  • fervor
  • flavor
  • glamor (US also uses glamour)
  • harbor
  • honor
  • humor
  • labor
  • neighbor
  • odor
  • rumor
  • savor
  • savior
  • splendor - pompa, nagyszerűség, fény
  • tumor
  • vigor


UK /-aɪ/, US: /-ɪ/

UK /-ɪ/, US: /-aɪ/

  • dissect (US /-ɪ/ too)

UK /-aɪl/, US: /-ɪl/

UK /ɑː/, US: /æ/

UK /ɑː/, US: /eɪ/

  • cicada (kabóca)
  • promenade
  • tomato
  • vase