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Irish edit

Etymology edit

+‎ -r

Pronunciation edit

Particle edit

níor (triggers lenition of a following consonant, except in the past autonomous)

  1. not (preverbal particle)
    Níor thuig mé.I did not understand.
    Níor chuala mé thú.I did not hear you.

Usage notes edit

  • Used only in the past tense, except for some irregular verbs that use instead.

Related terms edit

  • (used in other tenses)
  • char (Ulster)

Particle edit

níor (form used before vowels níorbh) (copular form; used before consonants; triggers lenition)

  1. not (used in the past/conditional)
    Níor cheardaí an té a rinne é.Whoever made it was no tradesman.

Related terms edit

References edit

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