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  1. where?
    bhfuil tú?Where are you?
    ndeachaigh sé?Where did he go?
    Synonyms: cá háit, cén áit

Usage notesEdit

  • Not used with the past tense, except for some irregular verbs. Triggers eclipsis of the following verb. Takes the dependent form of irregular verbs.

Related termsEdit

  • cár (used with the past tense and in copular constructions before a consonant)
  • cárb, cárbh (used in copular constructions before a vowel)


(triggers h-prothesis)

  1. what?
    haois é?What age is he? How old is he?
    tairbhe duit é?What profit is it to you?


Derived termsEdit

Further readingEdit

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Alternative formsEdit


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  1. house




  • IPA(key): /ˈka/
  • Hyphenation:
  • Rhymes: -a

Etymology 1Edit

From Old Portuguese aca, from Latin eccum + hāc. Compare archaic French çà and Spanish acá.

Alternative formsEdit


(not comparable)

  1. here (in this place)
    Here I am.
  2. hither (to this place)
    Vem .
    Come here.
  3. here (at this time; at the present situation)
    De lá para fizemos muita coisa.
    We’ve done a lot since then (literally: from there to here).
  • (in this place):
See alsoEdit
Portuguese demonstratives (edit)
Pronouns Adverbs
Singular Plural Neuter
Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
Proximal X este esta estes estas isto aqui,
de + X deste desta destes destas disto daqui
em + X neste nesta nestes nestas nisto
Medial X esse essa esses essas isso
de + X desse dessa desses dessas disso daí
em + X nesse nessa nesses nessas nisso
Distal X aquele aquela aqueles aquelas aquilo ali,
de + X daquele daquela daqueles daquelas daquilo dali
em + X naquele naquela naqueles naquelas naquilo
a + X àquele àquela àqueles àquelas àquilo
Anaphoric X o a os as
de + X do da dos das
em + X no na nos nas
a + X ao à aos às

Etymology 2Edit

From Latin (kay).


m (plural cás)

  1. (chiefly Brazil) The name of the Latin-script letter K. (kay)