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Irish edit

Pronunciation edit

Particle edit

inar (form used before non-past tenses ina) (used before a past tense; triggers lenition of a following consonant except in the autonomous form)

  1. in which/whom
    an fear inar chuir mé muinín
    the man in whom I trusted
    an tír inar táirgeadh é
    the country in which it was made

Particle edit

inar (form used before a vowel in the present/future inarb, form used before a vowel in the past/conditional inarbh) (used before a consonant sound; triggers lenition in the past/conditional)

  1. in which/whom is
    an seomra inar mian liom codladh
    the room in which I want to sleep
  2. in which/whom was/would be
    an tír inar mhaith liom bheith i mo chónaí
    the country in which I would like to live

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Romanian edit

Etymology edit

From in +‎ -ar or possibly from Latin līnārius.

Noun edit

inar m (plural inari)

  1. (archaic) one who cultivates or sells flax

Declension edit

Swedish edit

Verb edit


  1. present indicative of ina

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Wiradjuri edit

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Etymology edit

Cognate with Gamilaraay yinarr.

Noun edit


  1. woman