See also: ARB and Arb.

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Noun edit

arb (countable and uncountable, plural arbs)

  1. (finance, trading) The act of or potential for arbitrage.
  2. (countable, finance, trading) One who engages in arbitrage; an arbitrageur.
  3. (countable, informal) An arboretum.
    • 2005, Adam Zang, Jendrey Julie, Chris Mason, Carleton College:
      Just don't be too scared when you hear rumors of sacrificial ceremonies in the Arb []

Verb edit

arb (third-person singular simple present arbs, present participle arbing, simple past and past participle arbed)

  1. (finance, trading, transitive) To engage in arbitrage.

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Irish edit

Alternative forms edit

  • ar (used before consonant sounds)
  • ar b’ (superseded)

Particle edit

arb (copular form used before adjective, adverb, or pronoun beginning with vowels)

  1. Introduces an indirect relative clause; present/future tense
    duine arb ionann é agus gach duine eilea person who is the same as everyone else
    duine arb as an mbaile céanna leat féin éa person who is from the same town as yourself
    an fear arb é a mhac an t-iascairethe man whose son is the fisherman

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Etymology edit

From Proto-Finnic *arpa.

Noun edit


  1. lot, fate, destiny

Declension edit

Inflection of arb (inflection type 5/sana)
nominative sing. arb
genitive sing. arban
partitive sing. arbad
partitive plur. arboid
singular plural
nominative arb arbad
accusative arban arbad
genitive arban arboiden
partitive arbad arboid
essive-instructive arban arboin
translative arbaks arboikš
inessive arbas arboiš
elative arbaspäi arboišpäi
illative arbaha arboihe
adessive arbal arboil
ablative arbalpäi arboilpäi
allative arbale arboile
abessive arbata arboita
comitative arbanke arboidenke
prolative arbadme arboidme
approximative I arbanno arboidenno
approximative II arbannoks arboidennoks
egressive arbannopäi arboidennopäi
terminative I arbahasai arboihesai
terminative II arbalesai arboilesai
terminative III arbassai
additive I arbahapäi arboihepäi
additive II arbalepäi arboilepäi