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Alternative formsEdit


From Old Irish fo, from Proto-Celtic *uɸo, from Proto-Indo-European *upo. Compare Ancient Greek ὑπό (hupó), Middle Welsh go.



faoi (plus dative, triggers lenition)

  1. (standard, Connacht, Ulster) under
    • 2015, Proinsias Mac a' Bhaird, transl.; Maura McHugh, editor, Amhrán na Mara (fiction, paperback), Kilkenny, County Kilkenny; Howth, Dublin: Cartoon Saloon; Coiscéim, translation of Song of the Sea by Will Collins, →ISBN, page 1:
      Thuas i dteach an tsolais, faoi réaltaí geala, canann Bronach Amhrán na Mara dá mac Ben atá cúig bliana d'aois.
      Up in the lighthouse, under twinkling stars, Bronach sings the Song of the Sea to her five-year-old son, Ben.
  2. (standard, Connacht) about, concerning

Usage notesEdit

  • The standard Irish and Connacht form faoi (Munster ) means both ‘under’ and ‘about, concerning’. In Ulster, these two meanings are split: faoi means ‘under’, while means ‘about, concerning’.


Derived termsEdit

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faoi (emphatic faoisean)

  1. third-person singular masculine of faoi