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darb (plural darbs)

  1. (Australia, slang) A cigarette.
  2. (slang) Something beautiful, a charm, a peach.
    • 1931, Courtney Ryley Cooper, Circus Day, page 263:
      “Boss,” he exclaimed, “it's a darb.”
      “It's more than that,” I cut in, “it′s a wonder. It′s a masterpiece. []
    • 1934, Story, volume 4, page 35:
      ‘My new bird is a darb,’ he says, ‘only four months old and he′s got a roll and a chop the size of your arm. Never heard a young bird sing like that.’
    • 1941, Amazing Stories, Ziff-Davis, Volume 15, Issues 1-6, page 21,
      You can figure for yourself what a darb of a setup that was for us seven hundred professional killers!




Alternative formsEdit


darb (present/future copular form used before a vowel, form used before a consonant dar)

  1. to/for which/whom is
    an fear darb aithnid méthe man who knows me
  2. from which/whom is

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