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faoina (triggers eclipsis, in regular past tenses faoinar)

  1. under which, under whom; about which, about whom (indirect relative; not used in the past tense except with some irregular verbs)
    an crann faoina bhfuil sé ina shuíthe tree under which he is sitting
    an bhó faoina dúirt sé scéalthe cow about which he told a story

Usage notesEdit

“About/under which” may also be expressed with the indirect relative particle before the verb and the appropriate inflected form of faoi in its original position in the clause:

  • an crann a bhfuil sé ina shuí faoithe tree he is sitting under
  • an bhó a dúirt sé scéal fúithithe cow he told a story about



  1. Contraction of faoi (under, about) + a (his, her, their).
    ‘under/about his’ (triggers lenition):
    faoina shúileunder his eyes
    ‘under/about her’ (triggers h-prothesis):
    faoina hascaillunder her arm
    ‘under/about their’ (triggers eclipsis):
    faoina gcosaunder their feet

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