dár (triggers lenition; used with regular past tense verbs)

  1. Contraction of de + ar: from which/whom
    Ní haon duine dár mhaígh tú mé.
    I am none of those you have mentioned.
  2. Contraction of do + ar: to which/whom
    gach díol dár fhulaing séevery treatment that he endured


dár (triggers eclipsis)

  1. Contraction of de + ár.
    beagán dár muintira few of our people
  2. Contraction of do + ár.
    gan aon dár mbuaireamhwith no one to trouble us

Usage notesEdit

  • This contraction is obligatory; that is, *de/do ar/ár never appears uncontracted.

Related termsEdit