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From ἐν- (en-, there) +‎ τοῦ (toû, (medial)) +‎ -θα (-tha, towards). For another modification to τοῦ (toû), see οὗτος (hoûtos).

This is the regular medial destination demonstrative reflex. Alternatively, this is an extension and ἔνθα (éntha) without the τοῦ (toû) is the regular reflex. The medial place one would have been ἐν- (en-) +‎ τοῦ (toû), or alternatively just ἐν- (en-) without the τοῦ (toû) extension.

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ἐνταῦθα (entaûtha)

  1. here, there
  2. hither, thither
  3. at the very time, then, thereupon
  4. herein, in this position, in this circumstance

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