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From earlier Proto-Hellenic *hotsos, from Pre-Greek *yotyos, from Proto-Indo-European *yoti, adverb from *yós, whence ὅς (hós).




ὅσος (hósos)

  1. (relative adjective) often as anaphor to τόσος, or πᾶς, ἅπας as much as, how much
    1. (in plural the noun may be in nominative or partitive genitive)
    2. (in Attic, of time)
    3. (with τις)
    4. (with accusative absolute)
    5. (with adjectives expressing quantity)
    6. (with superlative)
    7. (with infinitive) so much as is enough for
  2. (for ὅτι τοσοῦτος)
  3. (followed by particles)
    1. (ὅσος ἄν) how ever great
    2. (ὅσος δή) how great, how ever many
    3. (ὁσοσοῦν) ever so small
    4. (ὅσοσπερ) even so great as, no greater than
  4. (ὅσῳ, ὅσῳ περ, often with comparative) by how much
    1. (with comparative, when followed by another comparative with τοσούτῳ) the more.., so much the more..
    2. (ἐν ὅσῳ) while


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