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ask for; send punitive expedition; to demand
ask for; send punitive expedition; to demand; to marry
trad. (討厭)
simp. (讨厌)

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  1. annoying; troublesome; repulsive; disagreeable; uncouth
  2. (chiefly women's speech, informal) Expresses petulance, frustration or annoyance.
    討厭讨厌  ―  Nǐ zhēn tǎoyàn!  ―  (playful) You are so annoying!
    討厭讨厌  ―  Tǎoyàn sǐ le!  ―  (playful) So annoying!
  3. (Northern Wu, of a situation or issue) difficult to handle; severe

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  1. to dislike; to loathe; to hate; to despise
    最終我們自己討厭樣子 [MSC, trad.]
    最终我们自己讨厌样子 [MSC, simp.]
    Zuìzhōng wǒmen dōu huó chéng le zìjǐ tǎoyàn de yàngzi. [Pinyin]
    In the end we all lived to become people we despised.

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