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My name is Jan Jurčík (for these of us familiar with IPA(key): /ˈjan ˈjʊrtʃiːk/), I am from the Czech Republic. If you have any questions about my native language (Czech), don't hesitate to ask them on my talk page

(You can ask for translating sentences, correcting texts, meaning of a word, etc. If you want, I can also record a Czech text / phrase / word for you.)

If you need a help with Slovak, Spanish or any other language in my Babel box except Esperanto, I will also try my best to answer your questions.

(It seems that I am the only active user able to speak Slovak fluently, so for languages such as Spanish or Portuguese it would be better to ask a native speaker.)

I work mainly on English and Czech Wiktionary, but sometimes I create Czech entries on the Greenlandic one.

contributions on English Wiktionary (editcounter)

contributions on Czech Wiktionary (editcounter)

contributions on Kalaallisut (Greenlandic) Wiktionary (editcounter)